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The first name that comes into mind when talking about sports in India is Cricket. It‘s popular in India and more of a fanaticism. The sport draws in 93% of all sports viewers in India.

It has reached a religious status in India for many different reasons.

To make it even more interesting, we have covered some of the cricket quiz that help you know about cricket more deeply.

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History of Cricket

British colonists brought cricket to India in 1700, and the first game was played there in 1721. The first cricket club founded by Indians was the Oriental Cricket Club, which was founded by the Parsi community in Bombay in 1848.

Early in the 20th century, two Indian cricket players—Ranjitsinhji and Duleepsinhji—joined the England team. Later, the Ranji Trophy and the Duleep Trophy were named in their honor, which marked the beginning of cricket in India.

The first formal trip to the British Isles by an Indian team took place in 1911, but they only played against English county sides and not the England cricket team. Enhance your knowledge with an online cricket quiz.

The Early Years

A 50 guinea wager was made in Sussex for an 11-a-side game that was first mentioned in 1697. It is likely that a system of laws (rules) regulating the conduct of the game existed around this time, although the earliest publication of such rules is dated 1744. Kent and Surrey played each other in the first recorded intercounty match in 1709 at Dartford. Early in the 18th century, according to some sources, cricket was only popular in the southern counties of England. However, as time went on, it gained popularity and eventually made its way to London, particularly to the Artillery Ground in Finsbury, where a famous match between Kent and All-England took place in 1744. Intense betting and unruly crowds were frequent at games.

Before the growth of the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) in London, the aforementioned Hambledon Club, playing in Hampshire on Broadhalfpenny Down, was the predominant cricket force in the second half of the 18th century, and there was not any presence of cricket quiz back then. Originally a cricket team that competed in White Conduit Fields, the team changed its name to the MCC in 1787 and moved to the Lord's Cricket Ground in the St. Marylebone Borough. The following year, the MCC released its first updated set of laws. In its history, Lord's, which was named after its founder, Thomas Lord, has been in three different cities. In 1814, Lord's relocated to its current location in St. John's Wood and became the center of international cricket.

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The first cricket match between North and South counties was played in 1836, which amply demonstrated how popular the sport had become. From 1852, when some of the top professionals—including John Wisden, who would later compile the first of the renowned Wisden almanacs on cricketing—separated to form the United All-England XI, these two teams monopolized the best cricket talent until the rise of county cricket. The All-England XI was founded by William Clarke of Nottingham and started touring the country in 1846. In 1859, they provided the players for the first English team that traveled abroad. Note this information down to win big in cricket quiz game.

Technical Development

All bowling was underhanded until the early 19th century, and the majority of bowlers favored the high-tossed lob. The "round-arm revolution" that followed saw many bowlers start to raise the point at which they released the ball. Due to ferocious debate, the MCC changed the law in 1835 to permit raising the hand as high as the shoulder. The pace, or bowling speed, greatly increased as a result of the new style.

Bowlers gradually defied the law by raising their hands higher and higher. When England and Surrey were playing at London's Kennington Oval, the English team protested a "no ball" call (i.e., the umpire's determination that the bowler had thrown an improper pitch) by walking off the field. Whether the bowler should be permitted to elevate his arm over the shoulder was the main topic of discussion. Due to this issue, the bowler was formally given permission to bowl overhand in 1864. (but not to cock and straighten the arm).

A batsman's ability to judge the ball was further complicated by this significant modification to the game. A bowler was already permitted to take a running start from any angle and for any length of time. The bowler could then release overhand, allowing the ball to travel at speeds more than 90 mph (145 km/h). Cricket has an added twist in that the ball is typically delivered so that it bounces on the pitch (field) before the batsman can hit it, even though this is not as quickly as baseball pitchers can throw the ball. As a result, the ball may curve to the right or left, bounce low or high, or spin in the batsman's direction or away from it.

With the development of batting gloves and padding, batsmen learned how to protect themselves, while the cane handle strengthened the bat's durability. However, only the finest hitters could handle quick bowling due to how difficult it was for a batsman to predict the motion of the ball on most surfaces. However, as the playing conditions improved, batters became accustomed to the new bowling technique and started to attack. Additionally, new bowling techniques were discovered, forcing batsmen to further modify their approach.

There was discussion of changing the "leg-before-wicket" law, which was put in place in 1774 statutes to forbid a batsman from using his body to stop the ball from striking his wicket, because so many runs were being scored in the early 20th century. However, other exceptional batters, including W.G. Grace, Sir John Berry Hobbs, and K.S. Ranjitsinhji, were responsible for the high scores (later the maharaja of Nawanagar). This was the heyday of cricket.

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Formats of Cricket

3 formats in cricket are played at the international level, which is played under the guidance of the International Cricket Council (ICC).

Test Cricket

As it requires both mental and physical fortitude to succeed, test cricket is regarded as the game's highest-level format. For this format, each player dons a white t-shirt and matching pants. A red cricket ball is used to play the game. The first test matches in cricket were played over six days with a reserve day. When compared to limited overs cricket, the field constraints are very different.

One-Day International

Cricket's limited overs format is known as an "ODI." The first time it was used, 60 overs were bowled. The attire was the same as for test cricket. The rules of this format also saw significant alterations over time, becoming 50 over a side and colored uniform. White-ball was used in place of red-ball.

T20 International

The newest and most popular cricket format is T20. Many spectators came to the field to watch the game as a result. With this format, cricket became a popular sport, and new nations like the United States, Malaysia, Canada, and the Netherlands quickly adopted it. West Indies Caribbean islands are where it first appeared. 20 overs per side are played by each team. It is played in floodlights because it is the game's shortest format.

10 Unknown Facts of Crickets World

Over the past 150 years, cricket has witnessed various mind-blowing records being created & toppled with every great performance. Here are some of the amazing records that help you in the cricket quiz.

Length of Pitch

The length of the cricket pitch hasn't changed in more than 150 years of Test cricket history. Even after more than 150 years of Test cricket, the pitch's length, which was 22 yards when the first match was played in 1877, has not changed. The cricket pitch is 66 feet long.

Alec Stewart, born on 8-4-63, ended test runs with 8463

Alec Stewart, a former cricketer for England, was born on April 8, 1963 (8-4-63) and finished his Test career with 8463 runs.

Sachin Played for Pakistan Before India

Before playing for India, Sachin Tendulkar had played for Pakistan. His Indian debut came in 1989. In a 1987 exhibition game between India and Pakistan at the Brabourne Stadium, Sachin fielded as a replacement fielder for Pakistan.

Abbas Ali Baig Kissed during a Test Match

At the Brabourne Stadium in 1960, a gorgeous young lady ran from the North Stand to greet Abbas Ali Baig when he hit 50 in the third Test match against Australia. Baig received a cheek kiss from her.

The test Match Average of Vinod Kambli is better than Sachin Tendulkar

Only 17 Test matches, including two back-to-back double tons, were played by Vinod Kambli. Compared to his childhood friend Sachin Tendulkar, who has played 200 Tests, Kambli has a Test average of 54.20.

All Innings of Test match on Same Day

All four innings of the England vs. West Indies test match at Lord's in 2000 were played on the same day. In the renowned Cape Town Test, where South Africa bowled out Australia for 47, this accomplishment was duplicated eleven years later.

Price of IPL Ball 2018

IPL 2018 broadcasting rights were sold for a staggering Rs 16347.5 crore to Star India Network, which, according to reports, equated to about Rs 21 lakh for each ball. Test your knowledge with our IPL quiz today.

Hat-trick of Peter Siddle on his Birthday

The only bowler in the history of international cricket to take a hat-trick on his birthday is Peter Siddle. On November 25, 2010, this took place during the Brisbane Test match versus England.

First World Cup in 1975

The International Cricket Council's Cricket World Cup is undoubtedly the main event in any cricket fan's calendar.

The first tournament was held in 1975 and was founded by England, South Africa, and Australia. Every four years, it takes place, with England winning the most recent match in 2019.

Wickets originally had 2 Stumps

Despite the fact that it's inconceivable now, a wicket used to consist of only three stumps.

Before 1775, two stumps were the standard. However, English cricketer Edward "Lumpy" Stevens bowled the ball between the two stumps three times without removing the bail, and the batter was declared "not out." Shortly after, the third stump was revealed.

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Famous Nicknames of Indian Cricketers

Cricketers Nickname
Virat Kohli Cheeku
MS Dhoni Mahi
Yuvraj Singh Yuvi
Sachin Tendulkar Master Blaster
Harbhajan Singh Bhajji
Rohit Sharma Hit-Man
Kapil Dev The Haryana Hurricane
Virender Sehwag Viru
Zaheer Khan Zak
Sourav Ganguly Dada
Gautam Gambhir Gauti
Rahul Dravid The Wall
Anil Kumble Jumbo
V V S Laxman Very Very Special
Suresh Raina Sanu
Sunil Gavaskar Little Master

10 Cricket Guinness World Records Impossible to Break

Dozens of world records were created in the cricket world.

Let’s flip the pages of the Guinness world record book and have a look at those records helped by cricketers that are impossible to break:

Most Expensive Bat – Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Mahendra Singh Dhoni, a former captain of India, currently holds this exceptional record after his bat fetched £100,000 ($161,295) at the auction. R K Global Shares & Securities Ltd. (India) bought it during MS Dhoni's "East Meets West" Charity Dinner on July 18, 2011, in London.

If you're wondering why this bat was so special, it's because Dhoni used it against Sri Lanka in the 2011 World Cup final at Wankhede Stadium.

Fastest Delivery of Cricket Ball – Shoaib Akhtar

In 2003, Akhtar bowled the quickest delivery in cricket history, earning him a place in the "Guinness book of world records." The fastest delivery in cricket history was made by Akhtar in the 2003 World Cup with a speed of 161.3 km/h (100.23 mph).

Most Expensive Cricket Shirt – Jos Buttler

The Jos Buttler shirt, which he wore in the 2019 World Cup final, was the most expensive cricket shirt ever sold at an online auction. On April 8, 2020, it was sold on eBay for £65,100. Following the COVID-19 outbreak, the wicket-keeper batsman auctioned off his World Cup final game-worn shirt to benefit the Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospitals. 82 offers were received during the auction, and the winning price ended up being £65,100.

Youngest Cricketer hit 6 back to back sixes – Anthony McMahon

Anthony McMahon of the UK is the youngest cricketer to knock six consecutive sixes in the same over. He did so on May 24, 2003, while competing for Chester-Le-Street versus Eppleton at the Eppleton Cricket Club in Durham, UK, at the age of 13 years and 261 days.

Most Watched Cricket Fixture – India v Pakistan, 2019 World Cup

With more than 1 billion viewers globally, India and Pakistan played out the most anticipated match of the World Cup in Manchester. Due to the popularity of the India versus Pakistan match, many streaming services crashed minutes before the game's scheduled start.

On June 16, 2019, in a game disrupted by rain, India (336 for 5) defeated Pakistan (212 for 6) by 89 runs using the Duckworth-Lewis-Stern system.

Highest Cricket Ball Catch – Alyssa Healy

At the storied Melbourne Cricket Ground, wicketkeeper Alyssa Healy of Australia set a Guinness World Record for the "highest catch of a cricket ball" (MCG). Healy successfully collected a ball that had been dropped 80 meters over the MCG by a drone.

Healy's feat eclipsed the previous record for the highest catch, which was held by amateur English cricketer Kristan Baumgartner and measured 62 meters.

Oldest International Cricket Player on Debut – Osman Goker

At the age of 59 years and 181 days on August 29, 2019, Osman Göker made his debut for Turkey in an international match against Romania in the România Cup at the Moara Vlasiei Cricket Ground in Ilfov County. Göker surpassed James Moses of Botswana, who held the previous record. Moses was 53 years and 285 days old when he made his international debut against Uganda on May 20, 2019.

Ten Wickets in an innings – John Wisden

John Wisden was the only bowler in cricket history to dismiss all ten batters. He pulled off the incredible accomplishment during the 1850 North vs. South game played at Lord's.

Most Runs Scored in ICC World Cup – Sachin Tendulkar

A staggering 673 runs, including 106 fifty-plus runs, were scored by the "Master Blaster" at an average of 61.18. Additionally, he won "Man of the Tournament" honors. In addition to his 152 against Namibia, Tendulkar also struck 81 against Zimbabwe, 97 against Sri Lanka, 83 against Kenya in the semifinal, and 98 against Pakistan, his bitter rivals.

First Player to at No.12 in a Test Match – Shannon Gabriel

The West Indies star Shannon Gabriel pulled off the incredible feat while batting at No. 12 during the second Test against India. The match took place from August 30 to September 2 2019 at Sabina Park in Kingston, Jamaica.

Darren Bravo, who had left the game injured on 23 earlier in the inning, was replaced by teammate Jermaine Blackwood due to a concussion, moving Gabriel down the order from his regular No. 11 spot.

The West Indies were defeated by 257 runs after Gabriel faced just one ball and is still unbeaten.

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