Player Ranking
ODI Batsmen Complete List
Players Team Points
Babar Azam PAK 824
Shubman Gill IND 801
Virat Kohli IND 768
Rohit Sharma IND 746
Test Batsmen Complete List
Players Team Points
Kane Williamson NZ 859
Joe ROOT ENG 824
Babar AZAM PAK 768
Steve SMITH AUS 757
Rohit SHARMA IND 751
T20 Batsmen Complete List
Players Team Points
Suryakumar Yadav IND 837
Philip Salt ENG 800
Babar AZAM Pak 756
ICC Team Ranking
ODI Check Complete List
Teams Matches Points Rating
India 42 5,117 122
Australia 34 3,936 116
South Africa 30 3,357 112
Pakistan 26 2,762 106
New Zealand 33 3,349 101
England 28 2,672 95
Sri Lanka 47 4,363 93
Bangladesh 40 3,453 86
Afghanistan 31 2,477 80
West Indies 32 2205 69
Test Check Complete List
Teams Matches Points Rating
Australia 30 3,715 124
INDIA 26 3,108 120
England 30 3,151 105
South Africa 18 1,845 103
New Zealand 22 2,121 96
Pakistan 17 1,519 89
Sri Lanka 18 1,501 83
West Indies 19 1,563 82
Bangladesh 17 906 53
Zimbabwe 2 46 23
T20 Check Complete List
Teams Matches Points Rating
India 50 13,250 265
AUSTRALIA 36 9,311 259
West Indies 42 10,667 254
ENGLAND 33 8,366 254
SOUTH AFRICA 29 7164 247
NEW ZEALAND 47 11599 247
Pakistan 45 10,846 241
Sri Lanka 36 8268 230
Bangladesh 45 10,184 226
Afghanistan 33 7,252 220
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Sixth Eighth seventh Tenth
Where was the first T20 World Cup held?
South Africa
India West Indies South Africa Australia
Which team was the runner-up in the 2016 T20 World Cup?
Sri Lanka Australia South Africa England
Who was the player of the series in 2009 T20 World Cup?
Tilakaratne Dilshan
Virat Kohli Umar Gul Tilakaratne Dilshan David Warner
The next ICC Men's T20 Cricket World Cup would be held in___
Australia India Oman UAE
Which player has taken the highest number of wickets in T20 World Cups?
Shakib Al-Hasan
Jasprit Bumrah Shakib Al-Hasan Wanindu Hasaranga Umar Gul

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Cricket is often regarded as a skill-based sport. Talk all you want about the game's evolution, but in the end, it still boils down to temperament and technique. Each successive generation believes it has created the wheel.

Even though they were thrown in the trash, cell phones, movies, and newspapers remain intact. There are still cornflakes and masala dosa on the breakfast table, even though iPods and iPads are supposed to change everything.

Cricket follows the same rules, and the world cricket news vouches for the same. The bat and ball struggle continues despite occasional regulation changes. Bats are thicker but not longer or wider. Although they are the same weight and form, balls can be covered in mint.

The pitch is the same length, and the stumps are the same height. Dismissals such as bowled, leg before, caught, and so forth are all the same. While all these changes have happened over a long period, getting top-notch cricket news is still an intense game! Cutting a long story short, Cricket adjusts to its times while retaining its true essence.

Latest Cricketing News by CBTF— Latest Updates, Information, Schedule, News on Cricket. Get trending cricket news ball-by-ball updates on Cricket matches, Upcoming Cricket Series, and Schedules.

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Cricket news often keeps you at the tip of your toes, and every cricket fan invariably waits for the latest news to come out. Whether it is about the runs made, wickets were taken, or a player's performance that day— every piece of news is a goldmine for its fans.

Regarding trending cricket news for keeping you updated, it involves news for each format of Cricket. From the most famous Test cricket to the T20 matches, we at CBTF Speed News provide you with the latest ongoings across all the formats of Cricket. Let's have a closer look into each one of them:

One-day International Cricket

The widely popular cricket format was also considered a limited overs match during its initial years. Both the teams faced 50 overs in the game and lasted for nine hours. ICC World Cup is one of the famous tournaments that produces various ICC cricket headlines, also played in this format. Every four years, the Cricket World Cup is played and We cover every move of each team playing 50 overs and give you the latest cricket information on their scores and performance. Apart from the runs scored, we also share the most eye-grabbing highlights of the match and how each player performed on the field that day.

One-day Cricket is commonly played on both international and national levels. We bring exclusive trending cricket news that beats your fear and keeps you on top of everything.

T20 International Cricket

T20 cricket is an exotic format of Cricket with a comparatively shorter game span, and this version was the core contributor to the game's commercialization. As the name suggests, the match allows each team to bat for 20 overs and make their score against each other. In 2005, the first ever international cricket match was to make Cricket more engaging and exciting. In 2007, the first ever T20 World Cup was played and the ICC cricket headlines was that India won the World Cup.

At CBTF Speed News, we provide you with all latest cricket information the inside details of the T20 cricket matches and share the game's major highlights. All this and more at an express speed, so you never miss an update! IPL (Indian Premier League) Cricket

One of the world's most popular domestic T20 cricket leagues, IPL has gained a tremendous following in the past decade. With dedicated teams born out of diverse Indian cities, exciting and competitive gaming stitches the entire country together.

Established in 2008, IPL is set on a round-robin group and knockout format that has been instrumental in promoting national Cricket. The tournament has also provided a phenomenal platform to give way to young individuals with immense talent. With time, IPL has become one of the biggest leagues across the world and is the cash-rich league.

We have you covered if you are an ultimate cricket fan willing to know everything about IPL. CBTF Speed News offers you the best news about IPL matches and the teams playing daily. 4-Day Cricket

Regarding getting top news for Cricket, 4-day matches don't take a backseat. Our expert teams bring you all the exciting and much-awaited updates from your favorite matches. This format strives to match the level of Test cricket and opens more opportunities for international exposure.

4-Day cricket matches are now played on multiple levels, including national, international, and regional. It is considered one of the most established versions of Cricket, and thus we ensure that you get correct match updates while sitting at home.

International Test Cricket

Being one of the most celebrated forms of Cricket, Test matches are the heart of the sport. Offering one of the most extended formats of the game, these matches allow teams to play 90 overs each day and is continued for a maximum of 5 days.

It is the most traditional form of Cricket and retains all the original rules and regulations. A Test match consists of four innings and a team plays for a maximum of two innings. It is also called limitless as there was no time limit in the past. If you are a cricket aficionado, test matches are indeed your pride. CBTF Speed News helps you stay at pace with all the test matches happening around the globe, empowering you to catch your updates like never before!

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Cricket had, long back, crashed the international borders and made its mark on all parts of the world. Having gained wide popularity amongst people from different countries, it is no longer a domestic sport. This is how world cricket comes into the picture. Cricket is not only a sport but a religion for millions of people and fantasy cricket adda has also become famous due to it.

If you are a cricket freak, all international matches would surely keep you on the edge of your seats. Thus, we bring you exciting world cricket news with top highlights and minute game details. How did the toss go? Who scored the most runs? How many wickets were taken?

Get answers to all these questions and know exactly what happened in your much-awaited world cricket matches. We at CBTF Speed News strive to provide exclusive news updates that keep you on top of all the current happenings in the cricket world.

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When it was first played in South-East England in the 16th century, the term bat-and-ball term might have been accurate, but it is not today. We live in the twenty-first century, and as things have changed and evolved, the gentleman's game has also changed and grown. The game, which historians once claimed to be a kid's pastime, has only advanced and become more technical, so it is no more just a bat-and-ball game.

Cricket started off as a low-key activity that few people participated in, even though it today draws sponsorship money from all over. The game began to gain popularity slowly but surely. Since then, Cricket has also been able to build a bridge where people from various backgrounds may compete while, most importantly, still enjoying the same sport.

Another integral pillar in the world of modern Cricket is technology. The IT penetration into cricket games and matches has allowed the industry to be upscaled at large. Turning to smart systems to gauge accurate run rates, hit-miss ratios, shot lengths, wicket hits, and more have significantly impacted people's lives. One widely talked about smart system was the Decision Review System, introduced in 2008.

No one can accomplish any aim by themselves. Besides the players, coaches, and commentators in the game of Cricket, technology also plays a crucial part, and Cricket now smoothly incorporates technology. Technology has impacted everything from cricket instruction to game viewing, from organizing competitions to building databases of cricketers worldwide.

The technology focus is shifting from broadcasting to implementing changes in gameplay and decision-making. In Cricket, technology has made it easier for coaches to get the most out of their teams and individuals. This helped players and viewers advance as ultimate winners and experience sports at a greater level.

More than 1 billion cricket fans throughout the world have been affected by technology, which has played a remarkable role in establishing the sport's legitimacy outside of English back alleys. The 20th century belonged to broadcasting or commentary advancement, while the 21st century belonged to coaching approaches and analytical breakthroughs if we were to divide technical change into two sectors.

Technology was mainly used between the 1930s and 1980s to bring Cricket to viewers. Radio commentary was the main focus back then because television was a luxury. But soon, cricket matches were being televised live, and spectators had their commentary rooms.

Technology has also been instrumental in taking Cricket to the world. Connecting the world with efficient media, now you can pass on exciting news and the latest updates in the blink of an eye. This also revolutionized the entire landscape of cricket news and how it spreads further. CBTF Speed News aims to deliver exciting cricket news while keeping the essence of the game intact.

Latest Cricket Breaking News Around Different Tournaments of ICC

International Cricket Council, popularly known as ICC, has been the leading body for dedicated governance of Cricket on a global level. Many significant decisions about team matches, umpire allocation, and tournament guidelines all find a space under the umbrella of ICC.

All cricket fans often skip a beat during the exciting and jaw-dropping ICC tournaments. With neck-to-neck score competition and seasoned players on the field, the unpredictability of the match is real. ICC Cricket World Cup, T20 World Cup, and ICC World Test Championship are one of the famous cricket tournaments and they create various trending cricket news. The T20 World cup and World Test Championship is held every two years and ICC Cricket World Cup held every four years.

Do you fear losing out on the latest match updates?

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Whether there is a match, series, world cup, or even Asia Cup going on, we, experts at CBTF, are here to help you out extensively with the latest and most recent cricket news seamlessly.

CBTF Speed News brings you all kinds of cricket news, including the extensive tournaments of ICC. These are often the central matches played on an international level and help you better gauge the strength of the teams.

Here's what you will discover with CBTF News:

Teams playing

ICC plays a significant role in planning and fixing the teams while defining who will play against whom. This is often looked forward to by most cricket fans to know which tournaments are lined up shortly.

Updates on the regulations

Who wants to miss latest cricket information and crucial updates shared by ICC for its guidelines and regulations? Keeping up with all the instructions and announcements ICC releases helps you understand the forward path of cricket matches. These are also the guiding principles based on which all the critical decisions around Cricket are taken. Thus, we at CBTF Speed News ensure you get all the latest Cricket breaking news without hassles.

Schedules of the tournament

Knowing the exact schedule of tournaments can help you know what dates to block on the calendar and miss that gathering to have the perfect cricket night, cheering for your favorite teams. CBTF Speed News provides eye-grabbing cricket-breaking news and lets you know all about the planned tournament. You can also plan a trip to a particular country and watch the match live!

Location of the matches

The responsibility of deciding the country where a particular tournament is expected to happen lies with the ICC. Our dedicated teams strive to get you all the legitimate news around match locations for the much-talked-about cricket tournaments.

To top it all, we also share information about what strategy worked in a match and what the experts had to say about them. This gives you a 360-degree view of the cricket industry as a whole. Do You Want Top Cricket News? We Have Got You Covered!

More often than not, many platforms claim to deliver recent news updates but only a few stand on them. We at CBTF ensure that you get credible, latest, and most exciting cricket news from around the globe.

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Keeping up with the latest and top cricket news is also paramount to know when exactly is your most liked team playing and where will your favorite player come down to the field. All our news pieces are factually correct, logically proper, and straight from official sources. So we can assure you of great news on time!

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Within seven days from the bid accommodation date for ICC's transmission privileges in its most significant market, huge worries remain among media organizations in India, which showed themselves through the shortfall of four significant telecasters from 'mock sell-offs coordinated by the ICC on Wednesday. Disney Star*Zee, Sony, and Viacom, the organizations that, as of late, took part in the profoundly cutthroat e-sell-off for the IPL freedoms, didn't go to instructional meetings the ICC had set up in front of the actual accommodation of the offers for the following pattern of ICC occasions. The meetings are expected to acclimate bidders with the stage through which offers will be submitted. Various bidders have finished the meetings or are planning to do so on Thursday, and the ICC, as far as concerns them, anticipate that the rest should give openings in the following two or three days.

The people who have avoided the meetings have raised worries to the ICC about the straightforwardness of the method involved with granting these privileges for ICC occasions from 2023 to 2031. ESPNcricinfo has discovered that every one of the four telecasters is awkward because the offers won't be unveiled or even divided between those partaking simultaneously. The ICC has also made it to the top cricket news and left a mark on the matter. The ICC has saved the privileges to direct an e-sell-off in case the top offers are close or not to live up to the ICC's assumptions - the telecasters are accepted to be troubled about the obscurity in this occasion of what might be viewed as close. They say it is sensible to hope to understand what edge of distinction would set off the second round of offers.

Until long ago, the ICC had precluded an e-closeout, their central business official Anurag Dahiya contending that how they were unbundling their privileges - for people's occasions independently, for computerized and TV, and across four-and eight-year bundles - implied it would be as well "confounded" for an e-sale of the sort the BCCI held for the IPL. In any case, ESPNcricinfo figures out that on the off chance that the second round of offering is required, that will happen as an e-closeout. Telecasters are likewise looking for more excellent clearness from the ICC concerning how offers for a four-year bundle and an eight-year one will be decided against one another. It is perceived that the ICC has a calculation set up and a multiplier figure that creates the best benchmark figure for them to have the option to look at offers across changed lengths and stages. That component isn't public, notwithstanding.

The offers are intended to be presented by August 22, when the specialized components will be surveyed. A reasonable level of investment will be completed to ensure everyone meets ICC prerequisites. The monetary part of the bid will be kept with a free body and won't be opened until August 26. The ICC is accepted not to need a public opening on the off chance that the offering is serious and close enough that there might be a requirement for ensuing rounds.

The ICC keeps on managing explanations with the bidders; however, it is improbable that any piece of the offering system will change now - as bidders have recommended various cycles, transforming it currently could appear to be inclining toward one bidder over another, a circumstance the ICC need to keep away from. The game's administering body conveyed its most memorable Invitation to Tender (ITT) for its freedoms in June, for TV just, advanced, and for both; ladies' occasion privileges have been unbundled from men's occasions, and bundles are accessible for four and eight years.

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