Emergence of Bangladesh Cricket

Bangladesh is one of the nations where the enthusiasts follow the cricket whole-heartedly and all the matches are played with any festival. The Bangladeshi fans are very loyal and keep their dedication up for the cricket team. Due to the huge popularity of the matches, the nation has a rich history of cricket and national tournaments. It is a relatively young cricket team that plays international cricket. With a group of talented players, they never fail to outlast their opponents.

They came close to glory at times in ICC tournaments but failed to hold their nerves. Winning the U19 Cricket World Cup 2020 edition has been one of the greatest achievements. To know about the Bangladesh cricket news as its emergence, read on.

History of Bangladesh Cricket

In Bangladesh, cricket had existed even before the time this nation came into existence. The British East India Company brought in the game of cricket to the Indian subcontinent and the first cricket match was recorded in Bengal in 1792. The sport was quickly understood by the citizens of West Bengal but East Bengal which is now known as Bangladesh proved to be slow at picking up this game. They had a lack of infrastructure due to its geographical conditions and rural character that led ignorance towards cricket in this nation. Later, in the 1860s to 1870s with several developments, the European citizens in Dhaka rejuvenated cricket in Bangladesh. In 1876, European XI played against the Native XVIII in Dhaka and European XI won this match.

GF Vernon’s XI was the first English team that visited the Indian subcontinent. Bengal played against this team in 1889-1890. Before the partition, the Bengal cricket team appeared in every major cricket tournaments in various provinces during the pre-independence period of India. With the partition in 1947, Eastern parts of Bengal established a new province of Eastern Pakistan.

From 1955 to 1971, thirteen East Pakistan cricket teams were playing in Pakistan’s domestic cricket matches. Dhaka University, East Pakistan Greens, and East Pakistan Whites were the most successful teams. The Indian team visited East Pakistan in 1954-55 while the Marylebone Cricket Club visited there in 1956 as per the Bangladesh cricket news.

After getting Independence in 1972, Bangladesh came into existence. The nation was ruled by poverty, famine, and lack of administration for a while and cricket got in the backfoot during this period. In 1972, the Bangladesh Cricket Control Board was established to nurture and progress the cricketing talent in the nation. The first organized competition was the club-level Dhaka Metropolis Knockout Tournament in 1973 was the first organized tournament. A national club championship started in 1974 in Bangladesh which was played on a regular basis until 2015. The first Bangladesh national cricket team was chosen to play against the MCC at Bangabandhu National Stadium, in 1977 in Dhaka. After their gameplay against the MCC, Bangladesh got the status of an Associate Member of the ICC. You can get more such Ban cricket news and updates today with us.

ODI History

ODI is one of the oldest forms of cricket in Bangladesh. There have been records of multiple first-class matches that has been played in Bangladesh earlier. After becoming an Associate Member of the ICC, Bangladesh got to play their first ODI match against Pakistan at Tyronne Fernando Stadium, Moratuwa in 1986. This was their 2nd match of the John Player Gold Leaf Trophy, which is now known as the Asia Cup.

Bangladesh posted a total of 94 runs and Pakistan got a lead in this match by 7 wickets. Bangladesh qualified for the 1988 Asia Cup edition and hosted the tournament. This was the first time for an ODI tournament to be hosted in Bangladesh and it also participated in the 1990 Austral-Asia Cup followed by Asia Cups in 1995 and 1997 accompanied by many triangular ODI tournaments. In 1998, Bangladesh clinched its first ODI victory against Kenya. This was played at Lal Bahadur Shastri Stadium, Hyderabad, India, and Bangladesh won the game by 6 wickets. They had lost 22 consecutive ODI matches before they could achieve their first win against Kenya.

As per the Bangladesh cricket news, in 1998, Bangladesh hosted the first-ever ICC Knockout Trophy which is now known as the Champions Trophy but couldn’t participate in it as this was the ODI tournament only for the Test-playing nations.

Since then, Bangladesh took part in the 1979, 1982, 1986, 1990, and 1994 seasons of the ICC Trophy. They also won the ICC Trophy in 1997 and eventually qualified for the 1999 World Cup. The nation played its first world cup in England and got its first win against Scotland. Bangladesh was considered the underdogs in this tournament but this team was in news after thrashing Pakistan. Pakistan was a huge disappointment in this tournament.

Since then, Bangladesh has appeared in many tournaments and managed to make a significant space in ODI cricket. Bangladesh was at its peak in ODI cricket when Shakib Al Hasan was entitled the best all-rounder in the ICC rankings. He became the first and only player from Bangladesh to hold the first position. Bangladesh qualified for the second quarterfinal in the World Cup 2015 by giving a defeat to England. This was their impressive performance in ODI cricket. Currently, the team holds 7th position in the ICC rankings for the ODI teams.

T20I History

At Sheikh Abu Naser Stadium, Khulna in November 2006, Bangladesh played their first-ever T20I match against Zimbabwe. They chose to bat first and posted a total of 166 runs, winning the match by 43 runs. Mashrafe Mortaza was awarded the Man of the Match for showing his impressive all-round performance.

The year 2016 was a golden era for Bangladesh in T20I format. Bangladesh hosted the 2016 Asia Cup and ended the tournament being the runner-up after losing from India in the final match. They also got a similar opportunity of winning the cup in 2018 but lost the game in the final match.

In the 2016 T20 World Cup, Bangladesh posed a serious threat to team India in the Super 10 Group stage in Bengaluru. Resultantly, they were disappointed due to the final over debacle. Currently, Bangladesh holds 10th in the ICC ranking for T20 teams.

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