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History of the Ashes Trophy - All You Need to Know

The Ashes series began in 1882 after the Australian team won the first test on English soil by a score of 7 runs. Journalist Shirley Brooks produced a humorous obituary of this loss in "The Sporting Times." According to the obituary, English cricketer "the corpse will be cremated and the ashes taken to Australia," had passed away. Thus, the term "Ashes" has a humorous history.

The triumph was referred to as "bringing Ash (ash) back to England" when the England side travelled to Australia the following year and won the series 2-1. The test series between the two nations became known as the Ashes Series as a result of this. Get all the recent updates on Ashes news right here.

Why is England VS Australia Called the Ashes?

The first Test match between England and Australia was played in Melbourne in 1877 when the Australians prevailed by a score of 45 runs owing to opener Charles Bannerman's century. England and Australia are the game's two oldest rivals. The Ashes' mythology wasn't created until five years later.

Australia visited England in 1882 and played a single Test match, the ninth time the two teams had faced off.

With 'The Demon Bowler' Fred Spofforth claiming 14 wickets in the contest, the visitors won an extremely low-scoring contest on a tough track by overcoming a first-innings total of just 63 to successfully defend a target of 84.

Even though it was just their second effort, it was the first time England had lost a home Test, and the Victorian crowd was shocked to see a colony triumph on English soil.

About the Ashes Cricket Trophy

According to reports, the urn was made during that particular series using a container that some speculate may have once served as a perfume bottle. It is thought to be made up of the burned remains of a cricket bail that was used during the series.

The two teams compete for a replica of the revered object while the actual urn is stored indefinitely at Lord's in London.

What is the Ashes Urn Trophy Made of?

The trophy is made up of terracotta material and is 10.5 cm in height. A small urn containing the ashes of "wooden bails," often known as the "Ashes of Australia cricket," was given to the English team as a prize after one of the series in which England defeated Australia in Australia. After then, it became customary for the winning team to keep the Ashes urn, and it still is.

The winning Ashes team receives a replica of a renowned urn, and the real urn is stored at the MCC museum at Lord's. Check out the ashes latest news right here.

Words on Trophy?

The original Ashes urn has two labels taped to it. The top one simply said, in scribbled handwriting, "The Ashes."

The second has more text, but what is it saying? This passage is taken from the February 1, 1883, issue of Melbourne Punch.

It reads: "When Ivo goes back with the urn, the urn; Studds, Steel, Read and Tylecote return, return; The welkin will ring loud; The great crowd will feel proud; Seeing Barlow and Bates with the urn, the urn; And the rest coming home with the urn."

3D Model of the Ashes Urn

MCC & Postal Museum collaborated to prepare a 3D image of Ashes Urn.

By taking numerous images of an object from various perspectives and sending them into a computer program that runs through them all to compute each part of the thing and then creates a digital reproduction, photogrammetry is the process of creating 3D models.

The Urn was brought to the Postal Museum, where 5000 photos were taken to capture the artifact's finer characteristics. These photographs were then stitched together to produce this 3D image.

Highest Runs in Ashes

In Australia, the 1882-83 season marked the start of the Ashes series. Since then, the Ashes have included numerous sporting legends from both England and Australia, making it the most eagerly anticipated bilateral Test series.

England vs. Australia Test Series has featured some outstanding batting performances over the years. Batsmen such as W. The Ashes series has featured G. Grace, Sir Donald Bradman, Sir Jack Hobbs, Wally Hammond, Allan Border, Sir Alastair Cook, and Ricky Ponting.

The only batsman to surpass 4,000 runs in an Ashes series is the Australian legend Sir Donald Bradman, who is often regarded as the best batsman in the world. He holds the record for scoring the most runs in Ashes, amassing 5028 runs at an average of 89.79.

Ashes Highest Individual Score - The Ashes Cricket

Player Team Runs Balls
Sir Leonard Hutton England 364 847
Sir Leonard Hutton Australia 334 447
Bob Simpson Australia 311 740
Bob Cowper Australia 307 589
Sir Donald Bradman Australia 304 473
Tip Foster England Runs Balls
Sir Donald Bradman Australia 270 375
Bill Ponsford Australia 266 422
Ken Barrington England 256 624
Sir Donald Bradman Australia 254 376

Sir Jack Hobbs of England, who scored 3636 runs at an average of 54.27, is second-best. Third on the list of batters with the most Ashes runs scored is another Australian icon, Allan Border, who amassed 3548 runs at a rate of 56.32 runs per innings.

However, Sir Len Hutton of England holds the record for the highest individual score. In the fifth Test of the 1938 series, Hutton famously struck 364 runs in an astounding 847 balls, helping England reach their highest Test total of 903/7 dec.

Sir Donald Bradman, whose 334 remains the highest Test score by an Australian, is ranked second on the list of Ashes' top individual scores.

Women's Ashes Series

A version of the Ashes is also played by the women's teams.

From 1934-1935, England and Australia played the first women's Test series ever, making it the first women's Test series ever.

When a signed bat was burned before the first Test at Lord's and the ashes were placed inside a cricket ball to create a trophy, the competition was formally dubbed "the Women's Ashes" in 1998.

A brand-new Women's Ashes trophy was created in 2013. Tests, One Day Internationals, and Twenty20 International games all play a role in determining the Women's Ashes.

A Test match winner receives four points, a draw receives two points, while a winner of a One Day or Twenty20 match receives two points.

The Women's Series has been played every 2 years since 2001, and Australia is the present champion after winning Ashes 2019.

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