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The Ashes 2023

Cricket is the most popular sport in the world after football, and it was brought to India by the British, where it soon caught on as a sport. Cricket is the most popular sport in India, despite not being the official national sport of the nation.

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Latest Ashes News 2023

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Ashes Trophy – What You Need to Know

After the Australian side won the first test on English soil by a margin of 7 runs, the Ashes series got underway. In "The Sporting Times," journalist Shirley Brooks wrote a satirical obituary for this loss. English cricketer "the corpse will be cremated and the ashes sent to Australia," according to the obituary, had passed away. As a result, the history of the word "Ashes" is funny.

When England visited Australia the following year and won the series 2-1, the victory was referred to as "bringing Ash (ash) back to England." As a result, the test series between the two countries became known as the Ashes Series. Here you may find all the most recent Ashes news updates.

About the Trophy

The Urn was reportedly created during that particular series utilizing a vessel some have theorized may have once been a perfume bottle. It is said to be constructed from the burned remnants of a cricket bail used during the series.

The genuine Urn is kept indefinitely at Lord's in London as the two teams battle it for a replica of the revered item.

The trophy is 10.5 cm tall and made of clay material. After one of the series in which England defeated Australia in Australia, a little urn containing the ashes of "wooden bails," often known as the "Ashes of Australia cricket," was given to the English team as a gift. After then, it became customary, and it still is, for the victorious side to keep the Ashes urn.

The genuine Urn is kept at the MCC museum at Lord's, and the winning Ashes team receives a replica of it. See the most recent Ashes news right here.

The Words on the Trophy

Two labels are attached to the original Ashes urn with tape, and the top one says, "The Ashes," in scrawled handwriting.

More text is there in the second, but what is it saying? This line was taken from Melbourne Punch's edition dated February 1, 1883.

Words – "When Ivo returns with the Urn, the Urn, Studds, Steel, Read and Tylecote return, return, the welkin will ring loud. The great crowd will feel proud, seeing Barlow and Bates with the Urn, the Urn, and the rest coming home with the Urn."

3D Model of Ashes Urn – Ashes News

MCC and the Postal Museum worked together to create a 3D model of the Ashes Urn.

Photogrammetric is making 3D models by capturing several photographs of an object from various perspectives and uploading them into a computer program that runs through them all to compute each component and then makes a digital replica.

The Urn was moved to the Postal Museum, where 5000 photographs were taken to document the artifact's more exquisite features. This 3D image was created by stitching together these photos.

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Ashes Highest Individual Score – The Ashes Cricket News

Player Team Runs Balls
Sir Leonard Hutton England 364 847
Sir Leonard Hutton Australia 334 448
Bob Simpson Australia 311 740
Bob Cowper Australia 307 589
Sir Donald Bradman Australia 304 473
Tip Foster England 287 Balls
Sir Donald Bradman Australia 270 375
Bill Ponsford Australia 266 422
Ken Barrington England 256 624
Sir Donald Bradman Australia 254 376

Why is England VS Australia called the Ashes?

The Australians won the first Test match between England and Australia at Melbourne in 1877 by a margin of 45 runs, thanks to opener Charles Bannerman's century. The two most enduring opponents in the sport are England and Australia. Five years later, the mythology around The Ashes was developed.

In 1882, Australia visited England and engaged in a solitary Test match, the ninth time the two sides had met.

The visitors overcame a first-innings total of just 63 to successfully defend a target of 84, with the help of "The Devil Bowler," Fred Spofforth, who claimed 14 wickets in the match.

The Victorian crowd was stunned to witness a colony victory on English soil, even though it was only their second attempt. It was also the first time England had lost a home Test.

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