The highly anticipated India vs. Pakistan match is seen as a potential boost for the T20 World Cup's viewership
Posted on June 5, 2024 by cbtfhome

The T20 World Cup 2024 in the USA and West Indies is looking like a disaster till now. It has been marred by rain, poor logistics across teams, bad scheduling of matches, and just a bad crowd turnout. It looks like the ICC has not even thought properly while planning the stages of this tournament, as it is looking like a complete mess. 
The match between England and Scotland in Barbados on Tuesday was washed out because of rain without a ball being bowled. Other matches at different venues have also been affected by rain. The same thing happened with the warm-up matches. The practice matches between the USA and Bangladesh were also a waste of time because of the rain in Dallas. Even fans are not interested in watching these matches. 
India is one of the biggest markets for cricket, and the ICC has made sure that India gets all the prime-time matches for the T20 World Cup. The only solace that the ICC has is the match between the India and Pakistan cricket teams on June 9 in New York. If that match is ahead, the tournament could be a hit as well. In fact, there are signs that the clash could improve things in this ongoing T20 World Cup. According to the reports, even the advertisers have shown an interest in the match, and more than 90% of the ad inventory is sold out.