On Controversial 'Aishwarya Rai Comment' Pakistan Former Star Abdul Razzaq Issues Apology
Posted on November 15, 2023 by cbtfhome

Pakistan cricket great Abdul Razzaq triggered a huge controversy as he insulted Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai while criticizing the performance of Babar Azam-led team Pakistan in the Cricket World Cup 2023. The comments of Razzaq have triggered a huge storm on social media that saw him earn plenty of flak, not just from fans but also from a few cricketers from both sides of the border. Seeing the controversy over his comments spirling, the retired cricketer issued an apology, saying his comment on Aishwarya Rai was only a'slip of the tongue'.
Watch the video here.
Razzaq appeared on a Pakistani TV channel, issuing a public apology on the matter. He said, “Yesterday, we were talking about cricket coaching and intentions. I had a slip of the tongue and mistakenly took Aishwarya Rai's name. I apologize to her personally. I did not intend to hurt anyone's sentiment.