From making statements with crisis talks, PCB stops Shaheen Afridi
Posted on April 1, 2024 by cbtfhome

Pakistan cricket’s captaincy saga has taken a dramatic turn for the worse, throwing the team’s unity and upcoming World Cup campaign into serious question. At the heart of the turmoil is a furious Shaheen Afridi, reportedly upset by the Pakistan Cricket Board’s (PCB) handling of the situation.
Shaheen Afridi’s anger stems from a statement published on the PCB’s website, supposedly expressing his full support for Babar Azam’s reinstatement as captain. However, Afridi never provided such a statement. The fabricated quote portrayed him as saying it was an “honor” to lead Pakistan and that he offered “complete support” to Azam.
Sources reveal that Afridi, understandably outraged by the misrepresentation, was on the verge of issuing a public rebuttal. This prompted the PCB to take swift action, holding emergency talks with the fast bowler to prevent further escalation. Another meeting with PCB chairman Mohsin Naqvi is scheduled for Monday, highlighting the urgency of the situation.
Afridi’s discontent goes beyond the fabricated statement. He reportedly feels the PCB never adequately explained his removal as captain in the first place. The lack of clear communication and transparency from the board has created a sense of mistrust and frustration within the team.