A Super Special Message from Former Indian Cricket Team Captain Sunil Gavaskar for Shubhman Gill Wins the Heart
Posted on March 12, 2023 by cbtfhome

Former legendary captain of team India, Sunil Gavaskar, had a special message for our lovely young opener Shubhman Gill. This message impressed everyone as Shubhman Gill scored his second test century during the third day of the final test match between India and Australia in Ahemdabad on Saturday. Gill was in complete control and scoring runs against Australian bowlers who didn’t get much help from the pitch. After the third day of the match, Gavaskar interviewed him along with other cricket experts and also gave him blessings. Gavaskar said that he is very happy with how Shubman played and scored his century. He also wished that Gill would go on to score more than 15,000 runs in his test career in the future.
Gavaskar said, "Yeh aapki doosri century hogi... Century ka count aapka aur badhte rahe. 8,000, 10,000, and 15,000 run karein aap. Sunil Gavaskar was all praise for Gill during the match when he slammed his second Test century.
Gavaskar said in Star Sports that "he has a lot of time." When he plays a defensive shot, the way he bends forward, even against Mitchell Starc... he presents a straight face of the bat and plays a forward defense, it was so pleasing to see. It shows that he has confidence. He doesn't only play on the backfoot. His foot moves forward, and he has a solid defense, not just a solid attack. And in Test cricket, you need that."
Continuing his statement, Gavaskar said that "Shuffling back and forth against pace bowlers isn't very easy." But he picks the lines and lengths really well. Kisi bhi ballebaaz ke paas agar time ho, usne agar apne career ko sambhaala, toh aage jaake 8–10,000 run aaram se kar lega. Former legends were very impressed by the performance of Shubhman Gill