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Highest paid player in the history of IPL seasons: List of Top 5

Highest paid player in the history of IPL seasons: List of Top 5

List of the Most Expensive Players in the IPL History 

The T20 Indian Premier League was launched in 2008 by the BCCI, and around fifteen seasons have been hosted now. The recent IPL title was won by team Gujarat Titans, which was started from 26 March to 29 May 2022. Therefore, Gujarat Titans and Lucknow Super Giants were introduced in the recent season, where both performed magnificently. 

During every season, some players sell at the highest price at an auction of IPL. Moreover, every year before the matches, all teams come together to attend the auction, where they bid on the player to buy them. Till 2021, there were only eight teams that played for the trophy. Recently, two new teams have been introduced, Lucknow Super Giants and Gujarat Titans. 

Players Who Got the Highest Bid in Auctions of the IPL

Sam Curran

In 2022, the mini-auction of the 2023 Indian premier league was held in Kochi, Kerala. The new record has been made in the history of the world’s most popular T20 franchise, the Indian Premier league. According to sports news cricket, The allrounder of the England team, Sam Curran, has made history by getting the highest bid at the recent auction. Punjab Kings bought him for 18.5 crores, and he became the youngest and most expensive player in IPL history. 

Cameron Green 

Cameron Green is another younger player, aged 23 years, who is talented and successful. He joins the list with the second position, where he was sold for 17.5 crores by Mumbai Indians for IPL 2023 season. Moreover, Cameron is an allrounder from Australia who has made the second-highest sold-a-player record in the history of the Indian premier league. He sold to the most successful and popular team Mumbai Indians, who has taken the five-time title of IPL.

This IPL of 2023 will be his first IPL, where he made a historical record before starting his journey. He will be seen in Mumbai Indian as the bowling allrounder. 

Ben Stokes 

Ben Stokes is a famous and successful all rounder of the international team England who has made his name on the third position of the top highest sold players list. As per the cricket news update, the Indian premier league team Chennai Super Kings bought this player for 16.25 crores on 23 December 2023. Ben stokes is an aggressive 31 years old batter and wicket-taker. Moreover, he also made the highest player record in the history of IPL 2017 with 14.5 crores and 2018 with 12.5 crores. 

Ben stokes is a successful player of team England, also famous in the Indian premier league. He started his IPL career on 6 April 2017. Till now, he scored 920 runs in the history of IPL. 

Chris Morris 

Chris Morris is one of the most successful players of the international cricket team South Africa, who has recorded the fourth-highest player sold in IPL history. As per recent cricket news,  he was sold to the Rajasthan royal for 16.25 crores in 2021, where he was the highest-selling player in that year. Chris Morris started his IPL career on 10 April 2013, and till now, he has scored 618 runs.

Nicolas Pooran 

Nicolas is a batter for the international cricket team west indies, where he made a record of fifth highest sold player on 23 December 2023. The newly introduced team Lucknow super Giant has bought Nicolas for 16 crores. Moreover, he started his IPL career on 25th march 2019, when he played against Rajasthan royal.

Until now, Nicolas has made 912 runs; his last match was on 22 May 2022. 

Wrapping Up 

IPL’s latest mini-auction was held on 23 December 2023. Many records have been made in the history of the Indian premier league, where these top-five players have made a record of the highest bid in IPL auctions. You get comprehensive information about historical records and the IPL auction through this. For more information on trending cricket news, visit the CBTF Speed News website. 

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