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The Hundred: A New and Exciting Format of Cricket

The Hundred: A New and Exciting Format of Cricket


Cricket is an emotion, a religion for many people, and in existence for decades. Some love cricket, and some hate but cricket is entertaining people with its different formats. The England & Wales Cricket Board (ECB) has developed a new league, The Hundred, to maximize the fun and make cricket more exciting. In recent times, after the success of the IPL, every cricket board has tried to start a league and generate revenue. ECB is also one of them, with a brand new league and a new format.

Why’d anyone follow a new league if nothing new is there? So the ECB has changed the overall format, rule, and name of many cricketing terms to attract new audiences and promote cricket news.  

How The Hundred is Different From Others Format 

Thanks to cricket news, we know other formats like Test, ODI, T-20, and T-10. ECB has announced a new league with a new format, and it’s different from the previous ones. Even though ECB has changed many cricketing names to reach a new audience, according to the ECB, cricket has too many rules and information, making it difficult for new audiences to understand them. They have come up with new rules and a few new cricketing terms.

Rules and of The Hundred 

The Hundred is also fast-moving like the T-20, but each inning will have 100 balls rather than 120, and the team that scores more runs will be the winner. In other formats captains of both teams come on the field, and whoever wins decides whether they will bowl or bat but in The Hundred, the coin can be tossed off the field. We have seen bowlers bowling a set of 6 balls, known as an over, but in The Hundred, a bowler can bowl a set of 5 balls or ten balls, and a bowler can bowl a maximum of 20 balls in a match. Powerplay will continue till 25 balls, and fielding rules will be the same as with the T-20. All the methods of scoring runs and boundaries will be the same as other formats. The bowling team calls the strategic time-out after the power play, and only one time-out is allowed in each innings. During the strategic timeout, the coach can come on the field to make a strategy with the team. Every team should have to complete their innings in 65 minutes, and the match should end in 150 minutes. If any team fails to do so, they will keep an extra player inside the ring or under the 30-yard circle. Players at the non-strike end can not change the strike after the dismissal. Every team should have 15 players, and a maximum of 4 foreign players can play in 11.

The hundred has changed a few cricketing terms that have become the cricket news. They have changed the name of “over” to the “sets of five balls” and “umpires call” with the “too close to call.” 

Format of The Hundred

There is an eighth team in The Hundred, and they will play each other. The team at the top will go to the final, and the team in the 2nd and 3rd spot will play to win the eliminator to reach the final. Every team will be awarded 2 points after winning the matches, and if there is no result or tie in the group stage, both teams will share the point. If any match ties in the knockout encounter, the team will have to play a “super five,” and one more “super five” is allowed if the previous one becomes a tie. After that, the winner will be announced according to which team has topped the table. Follow cricket news and get all the updates of The Hundred. 

How Will a New Format Benefit the ECB?

Cricket has been in existence for decades and is popular across the format. As the shorter format came in, it started getting famous worldwide, and they started following cricket news. Cricket started with test cricket and five-day scheduling. Many people find it boring because it is slow and time-consuming, while many people find it interesting and say it is real cricket. It takes patience, perseverance and stamina to play test cricket. With time One-Day cricket was introduced to the world to engage with audiences, and the challenges of the new format make it enjoyable. But the popularity of one-day cricket decreased because ICC introduced a new format of cricket, T-20. It is fast, entertaining, and engaging. In 2008, BCCI introduced IPL to the world, becoming famous worldwide and getting a new audience.

In recent years, most cricketing boards have announced their league. Why will the audience watch the same things? The ECB has introduced The Hundred league to tackle this problem and reach a new audience.

What to Expect

The Hundred will be challenging for the ECB, as nothing changes overnight, and they have taken the extra risk of introducing a new format to the world. One thing is sure it has become cricket news, and people are excited to experience it. ICC tournaments, IPL, BBL, CPL, and other leagues are majorly in T-20, so gaining popularity and generating revenue will take a lot of work. If the ECB succeeds, cricket may get a new set audience and revenue, but it doesn’t seem very easy now.  

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