Home News Babar-Rizwan’s Amazing Knocks Landed Pakistan Into the T20 World Cup Finals

Babar-Rizwan’s Amazing Knocks Landed Pakistan Into the T20 World Cup Finals

Babar-Rizwan’s Amazing Knocks Landed Pakistan Into the T20 World Cup Finals

Key Highlights

  • New Zealand won the toss and opted to bat first.
  • For NZ, Mitchell bought the highest runs, 53 in 35 balls while remaining not out.
  • Babar Azam got his first 50 of the T20 World Cup 2022 and scored 53 in 42 balls.
  • Mohammad Rizwan amassed the highest run score, 57 in 43 balls.
  • Pakistani batters leveled up their game and defeated New Zealand by 7 wickets.

In the first Pak vs NZ match of the semi-final stage, New Zealand took the lead in the toss and chose to bat first against Pakistan.

Facing the tight bowling of Pak, New Zealand posted a run score of 152 in 20 overs with a loss of 4 wickets, from the latest cricket updates.

For the run chase of 153, Rizwan and Babar Azam came up for the batting attack to face the bowling of Boult.

Starting it great, Rizwan got the first boundary for Pak in the first bowl only. Also, in the 4th over, Azam and Rizwan got two fours each. What a magical over it was! Pakistan reached a score of 24 after 3 overs with no loss of wicket.

Pakistan was in the great attack smashing beautiful three boundaries in the 5th over and jumped the score to 47 after 5 overs. Another boundary from Azam in the consecutive over from Ferguson managed the duo to cross the half-century, with a score of 55 after 6 overs.

The partnership of Azama and Rizwan proved to be lethal and moved the score up to 87 after 10 overs. At 10.6 over, Azam came up with 50 angle-handedly that shifted their score to 97 after 11 overs. After a successful 12 overs, the threatening batters crossed the century and scored 102.

Boult gave a breakthrough for New Zealand and took the first wicket of Babar Azam, who fueled a huge 53 in 42 balls. The right-handed batter, Mohammad Haris took the batting charge and smacked his first four in his first ball only, getting up to 109 after 13 overs with a loss of just 1 wicket.

After Azam reached his 50, Mohammad Rizwan joined the queue for the same run score and got to a score of 113 after 14 overs with a loss of 1 wicket.

Playing the next two overs for singles, Rizwan and Haris kept pacing up the  match and brought the score of 127 after 16 overs with loss of just 1 wicket.

Boult took the much-needed wicket of Rizwan, restricting his score to 57 in 43 balls and reached 132 after 17 overs with losing 2 wickets.

In the 18th over, Haris crunched a boundary and six in the consecutive balls and scored 145-2 after the completion of the over.

In the NZ vs Pak match, Pakistan smoothly chased down the target and thrashed New Zealand by 7 wickets.

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