Home CBTF news Why is Pat Cummins one of the best fast bowlers in today’s time?

Why is Pat Cummins one of the best fast bowlers in today’s time?

Why is Pat Cummins one of the best fast bowlers in today’s time?

Who is Pat Cummins & What Makes Him Special?

Pat Cummins is a leading fast right-handed bowler in the world who has become successful and professional with his techniques and skills. Pat is a captain of the international cricket team Australia, who performs well in all formats of cricket, including test, ODI, and T20. he is in the best shape of his career regarding form and fitness. 

Cummins improved his accuracy, tactics, and speed in the past years. He started his career in the 2011 T20 match against South Africa. He was just 18 year old, loaded with high potential to carry the legacy of the best fast bowler in Australia. Moreover, Pat took six wickets in the innings. Pat scored 880 runs in the test format and 324 in ODI cricket. 

In the Indian franchise IPL, he plays for the team Kolkata knight riders, where his performance is outstanding that contributes well to team performance. Till now, he scored 379 runs in the history of the Indian premier league. 

Brief history 

Australia fast bowler Pat Cummins needs no introduction as he always provides trending cricket news. He made his team proud in all cricket formats and made himself the number-one bowler in 2011. 

His first match was against South Africa, where the playing XI squad of the opposite team was strong. Still, he managed to take seven wickets and contributed well to the team. During the first inning of the match, he took only one wicket. As per sports news cricket, in the next innings, he took six wickets that made everyone pay attention to everyone in his initial game. Moreover, while the team Australia required a batsman to win the match, Pat came up with Michell Johnson and led the team to win with two wickets. 

He played against the South African team in the ODI format, where he took three wickets. His bowling fully dominates the opposite team. Again in 2011, he played the T20 format against South Africa. The tour makes him a big deal for the team, which makes him a big player in international cricket. 

After that successful tour, Cummins didn’t get the chance to play Test format cricket for six years. Pat got major injuries that stopped him from playing test formats, he was a part of the 2015 world cup winning team, but his comeback was in the year 2017. Moreover, Cummins played for Kolkata knight riders during that time to experience the T20 Indian premier league. He was a very promising bowler, but his injuries made him out of the playing XI. Finally, in 2017, he again got a chance to play test cricket for team Australia. After a wait of more than five years, he was included in the playing XI when Micthell Starc pulled out due to injuries.

Since then, Cummins has never stepped down and has become an integral part of the team for all formats, and his form and fitness have improved immensely. As per the cricket news update, his performance again proves him a successful fast bowler. Moreover, after his remarkable performance, Australia appointed him as one of two vice-captains along with Travis’s head in Test format 2019. 

In 2019, Pat performed well in the match by taking wickets and became Australia’s second most successful bowler during the world cup 2019. 

Pat Cummins IPL career 

As per the recent cricket news, he debuted his IPL in 2014 for the Kolkata Knight Riders against Chennai Super kings, where he performed well and contributed to his team to get the victory. 

In 2016, he took a break from the Indian premier league and then joined Delhi Daredevil in 2017, which became a great year by bringing back his form and performance. After that, he took a break for two years and became an expensive player in the 2020 IPL.

 According to recent cricket news, he was acquired for Rs.15.50 crores by Kolkata Knight riders, where his performance and bowling for the team were impressive. 

Wrapping Up

So, this is a complete history of successful Australian bowler Pat Cummins. He made his team proud every time he played for them. Moreover, Cummins gets acquired for 15.50 crore in the 2020 IPL Season by Kolkata Knight Riders. For more information about top cricket news today, visit the CBTF Speed News website.

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