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Who are the top all-rounders in all formats of cricket?

Who are the top all-rounders in all formats of cricket?

Who Are the Best All-Rounders of Today’s Era?

Cricket is one of the most-watched games, and millions of people have become fans of it. International cricket franchises and leagues include the Test, ODI, T20, and Indian premier league. Moreover, some of the best players in the history of cricket are made proud of as the best all-rounder player.

Cricket is played in multiple series, where some player becomes a remarkable all-rounder. Two types of all-rounders are there bowling- all-rounder and batting-allrounder. Most players reach this level with good consistency and practice to achieve the name on the top list. In cricket, where multiple formats are available, players have performed well in batting, fielding, and bowling. This makes them valuable players and records them with one of the best all-rounders.

Top All-Rounders in Cricket in 2022   

Ben Stokes 

The newly made captain of test cricket of the international team England, Ben Stokes, is a successful player with a skilled all-rounder. He made a good start in his career and made numerous records in all three formats of cricket. Ben made 5602 in test cricket and 2924 in the ODI cricket platform. 

Ben Stokes started his cricket career on 25 august 2011 in the ODI against the international team Ireland. The significant boost of his career started after the big victory of England in the ICC world cup in 2019. Through sports news cricket, he also made one of the remarkable innings during his test cricket, where he scored 135 runs that helped England to chase the target of 359 runs. 

Ben Stokes is a part of the Indian premier league, where he plays for the team Rajasthan royal. 

He made a record as the highest-paid player in the 2017 IPL auction. 

Shakib Al Hasan 

Shakib is a world-famous player who is known for his professional all-rounder skills. He played for the international cricket team Bangladesh and holds the record for taking the most wickets in the T20 world cup. Shakib is an excellent spin bowler with the skill to outfox the batsman. Moreover, he was rewarded with being one of the most successful all-rounders. 

Till now, Shakib has scored 4367 runs in the test format and 6835 in ODI cricket. He started his career in 2006 when he played his debut match against Zimbabwe. Despite his exceptional talent, that makes him the greatest player in the history of the Bangladesh team. Cricket sports update states he made more than 12,000 runs in his cricket career and stumped 620 wickets. 

Ravindra Jadeja 

Ravindra Jadeja needs no introduction, as he is already a world-famous player of the Indian cricket team. He made his record for one of the best all-rounders of all time, and few people expected him to achieve that level. He reaches a higher level of success with good playing skills and performance. Moreover, he is a valuable player in team Indian playing XI, where he always proves his abilities and strengths. 

Jadeja has made multiple records and innings that will be unforgettable in the history of cricket. His bowling style, batting performance, and intelligent fielding qualities make him one of the best all-rounders in all cricket formats. In the most famous franchise Indian premier league, he plays for the Chennai Super kings. He contributed well and scored 2502 runs to date for the team, which makes the team 4 times the winner of titles. 

Ravinder started his cricket career in 2009 when he debuted against Sri Lanka. His total run in test cricket is 2523. In ODI, he managed to achieve 2447 runs till now. Moreover, he made a record for reaching 200 test matches in 2019 and was the first Indian bowler after Anil Kumble to achieve the top ICC ODI ranking in 2013. 

His accuracy and consistency in spin bowling positively impacted the team, where he scored 242 wickets in the test format. 

Wrapping Up

This is the complete information according to recent cricket news, where the three most successful all-rounders of the world are mentioned. You get information about the runs, achievements, and records through this, and you can visit the CBTF Speed News website for more details about cricket.

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