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Who Are the Fab Four in International Cricket Now?

Who Are the Fab Four in International Cricket Now?

The fab four terms are used for the top four batters in international cricket. Virat Kohli, Kane Williamson, Joe Root, and Steve Smith are the fab four as they dominate world cricket. The fab four things started when all the batters started scoring runs consistently. If we see top cricket news, Virat Kohli and Steve Smith started the fab four club, and Kane Williamson & Joe Root joined them very early.

In 2014, the term fab four started and was recognized among the people. Joe Root ended 2014 after a remarkable performance and averaged 97.1 in 11 innings. The Australian batter Steve Smith also has an 81.9 average in 17 innings, and New Zealand’s captain Kane Williamson ended the year with an average of 61.9 in 17 innings. Virat Kohli ended his year with a decent average of 44.6 in 20 innings after the worst tour of England. After 2014, they dominated all the bowlers and made trending cricket news. After 2019, the average and performance have dropped except for Joe Root. Many players have come and demanded his place in the fab four.

Virat Kohli

India’s modern-day legend and most famous batter has consistently performed from 2016-19. 2014 was a bad year for him, but he returned with a bang. He started 2016 with a test average of 44 in 41 matches, which was a decent number and didn’t show his greatness. His peak started in 2016, went straight for four years, and scored 4208 runs in 69 innings with an average of 66.8 and scored 16 centuries in that period. In the first half of 2016, he was unbeatable at home. He scored four double centuries in his first four series against West Indies, New Zealand, England, and Bangladesh. He didn’t do much against Australia; his average was 75.8. After a flop series, people started doubting his abilities as an overseas batter, but he showcased his range in the 2018-19 period. He played 22 out of 24 innings in the SENA countries where the pitch favors the fast bowler. If we see the top cricket news today, he scored the ton everywhere in a challenging condition, which is the peak moment for Virat Kohli.

Kane Williamson

New Zealand captain Kane Williamson is one of the longest-consistent players of the fab four. His journey as a fab four batter started in 2014, and he maintained an average of 50. 2015 was his career-best year as he scored the 1000-plus run with an average of 90.2 and maintained his average till 2021. According to a cricket news update, he is unbeaten in the home conditions but has struggled in the away conditions to create an impact. 2022 became the worst year for him, and he struggled to perform, but he is a champion player and knows how to return. In 91 innings, he scored 5083 runs with an average of 63.5 and hit 19 centuries.

Joe Root

English player Joe Root is the next player of the fab four. He joined the fab four with an outstanding year, and he scored 777 runs in 2014 with an average of 97.1 but became inconsistent after 2016 and became the reason for the low average compared to the other fab fours. Till 2021, he was lagging behind the other fab four, but 2021 changed everything. While others were struggling, he scored century after century and scored 1708 runs in 2021. At the moment, he is the strongest among his peers. In his peak years, he scored 6797 runs in 129 innings. He will produce much trending cricket news in 2021 and 2022.

Steve Smith

An unorthodox Australian batter Seve Smith is one of the most talked about batters in test cricket among the fab four. No one is near him when we talk about test cricket. He also joined fab four in 2014 after his re-introduction in test cricket. Australian batters changed the way of playing in test cricket and scored centuries against solid teams. He scored the 1000-plus run for four years and is the only player. As a batter, he is the most grown person because he changed his entire identity. In 2014, his test average was 34.6, and in 2017 his average was 63.6.


Fab four means the top four batters of world cricket. Virat Kohli, Joe Root, Steve Smith, and Kane Williamson are the four batsmen known as the fab four. Their peak started in 2014, and after a bad form, they returned to the form. Visit the CBTF Speed News website to read the latest news about cricket.



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