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Top 9 Players with Most Fours In IPL | CBTF News

Top 9 Players with Most Fours In IPL | CBTF News

Top 9 Players with Most Fours In IPL

The first season of the Indian Premier League was played in 2008, and the 15th edition of IPL was held in 2022. T20 is a batting-dominated format and the batter talks in the boundary in this format. In the T20, sixes are celebrated, but people do not talk much about the fours. Even some people say the batter who relies on fours rather than six doesn’t fit in this format. But we all know hitting a four is also important, and a batter can play with a decent strike rate without taking any risk. Let’s see the latest IPL news and the player with the most fours in the IPL.

Shikhar Dhawan

The Indian opener has played for many teams in the IPL, and currently, he is in the Punjab team. He holds the record for most fours in the IPL and has hit 701 fours. Whenever you will see him playing, he doesn’t take too many risks and relies on fours, and sometimes hits sixes as well. It doesn’t mean that he plays slow, and is also the second run scorer after Virat Kohli. The latest IPL news is PBKS made him captain for the 2023 season.

He has played 206 IPL matches and scored 6243 runs with an average of 34.88 and a strike rate of 126.33. Considering the long career of 200-plus matches, the strike rate of 126 is pretty decent. In his IPL career, he hit 701 fours and 136 sixes.

Virat Kohli

The former Indian and RCB skipper is next on the list with 578 fours. He is an example of not taking risks and playing according to the ball. Virat Kohli also relies on his timing and is not a big hitter but can hit the six whenever he wants. Whenever you see him play, you can see him playing risk-free shots and relying on rotating the strike and fours. He hits the sixes on bad deliveries or whenever the team demands but never rushes for the six.

He has played 223 IPL matches and scored 6624 runs, and the strike rate is 129.15 and has hit 578 fours and 218 sixes. It is a decent strike rate for the long 223-match career.

David Warner

The Australian and the DC opener is next on the list with 578 fours. He is one of the most destructive players, and you can see him hitting more fours in every match. The 2022 season was great for him, and he came back after a disastrous season. He was dropped from the SRH squad, and DC bought him for 6.25 cr.

He has played 162 IPL matches, scored 5881 runs with a strike rate of 140.69, and hit 578 fours and 215 sixes in his IPL career.

Rohit Sharma

The Indian and MI captain Rohit Sharma is one the best captains of IPL with 5 trophies and only one player to win 6 IPL trophies. He is in 4th position with 519 fours.

He has played 227 IPL matches, scored 5879 runs, and hit 519 fours and 240 sixes.

Suresh Raina

The former Indian and CSK batsman Suresh Raina is a middle-order batsman and was the backbone of CSK in IPL for a long time. He is also known as Mr. IPL because of his consistency. The latest IPL news is he will not participate in the 2023 edition of IPL

He has played 205 IPL matches, scored 5528 runs, and has hit 506 fours and 203 sixes in his IPL career.

Gautam Gambhir

Former Indian opener and former KKR captain is one the most successful captains in IPL with 2 trophies. He is one of the most consistent batsmen and the most reliable batsman on the big stage. He is in 6th position with 491 runs.

He has played 154 IPL matches, scored 4218 runs, and hit 491 fours and 59 sixes.

Robin Uthappa

Former Indian wicket-keeper batsman Robin Uthappa is one of the underrated batsmen of the IPL. he also won the orange cup in 2014 for KKR and helped them to win the trophy and at 7th position with 481 fours.

He has played 205 IPL matches, scored 3799 runs, and hit 481 fours and 182 sixes.

Ajinkay Rahane

He is in 8th position with 431 fours. He is one of the few batters who is technically sound and has all the shots, but with time, he has gotten fewer chances in the team. Rajasthan released him, and DC bought him, but again they released him, and now he is part of the KKR squad. Due to high competition, he doesn’t get too many chances.

He has played 158 IPL matches and scored 4074 runs, and hit 431 fours and 80 sixes.

AB de Villiers

The modern-day cricket legend and destructive batsman ABD is in most fours lists with 413 fours. He generally deals in sixes and can adapt to any situation. He was not part of IPL 2022, but the latest IPL news is he may join the IPL 2023. He has played 184 matches, scored 3403 runs, and hit 413 fours and 251 sixes.

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