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Top 9 Greatest International Batsmen Of All Time

Top 9 Greatest International Batsmen Of All Time
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Cricket, universally known as the “batter’s sport,” has astonished and enchanted its fans throughout the years with several brilliant strokes and footwork. The top batters in the game earned their name by continuously hitting the most dreadful bowlers or putting up a firm fight against the scary men with the cherry while yielding only a willow.

These players have gained spots among the top 9 most incredible batters of all time because of their outstanding averages and propensity for raking in regular performances by directly influencing the team’s outcomes.

Let’s check the list!

South African AB de Villiers is at the top of the list of players with the fastest fifty in One Day Internationals. The right-handed batsman and wicketkeeper broke the previous cricket records for the quickest ODI fifty by hitting a half-century in only 16 balls. This record was achieved in a match against West Indies on 18th January 2015.

1. Don Bradman (Australia)

52 tests, 6996 runs, 99.94 average, 29 100s, and 334 as the highest score.

The Big Don. Bradman’s aura made him a benchmark in the world of cricket, with every other renowned batter being rated against this passionate Australian. He finished with an average that has become the most well-known sporting record.

With his superhuman stats, Bradman transcended the game he played to reach the highest points in the sports world and establish himself as the model of human success. Follow for more sports news cricket.

2. Sachin Tendulkar (India)

Tests: 188, Runs: 15470, Average: 55.44, 100s: 51, Highest: 248*

He served as India’s savior and go-to person in times of need. Tendulkar’s greatness extended beyond his record-breaking consistency and two and a half decades of carrying the weight of the Indian populace.

As the years and decades passed, Tendulkar—who had faced Wasim and Waqar in Faisalabad as a bashful sixteen-year-old—began to establish his authority in every country, against every bowler, and quickly rose to the status of his country’s pride and identity.

One of the best players the world has ever seen, the enormous Tendulkar triumphed over Warne’s skill and Akhtar’s speed with panache. superior to “The Don”? On that one, the verdict is still out!

3. Sir Jack Hobbs (England)

There were 61 tests, 5410 runs, an average of 56.94, 15 100s, and a maximum score of 211.

Hobbs, the first “Master” of cricket, was a forerunner of the game and added a variety of strokes to his arsenal. Without professional coaching, Hobbs became the first cricketer honored by the Queen and the first batsman to average over 50 in Test matches. Sir Hobbs continues to significantly impact contemporary batters with 199 centuries in competitive cricket and seven Test centuries after the age of forty, including a hundred at 46.

4. Sir Walter Hammond (England)

Tests: 85; Runs: 7249; Average: 58.45; 100s: 22; Highest Score: 336*

The fact that Don was commonly mentioned compared to Sir Walter Hammond as the finest batter of the pre-war era sums up his magnificence. Bradman and Hammond had fierce competition throughout their parallel careers, especially after the Australian broke his world record by amassing the highest individual Test score of 336 runs.

Hammond was regarded as England’s best batsman and, at his retirement, held the record for the most Test runs with 22 hundred, which Alastair Cook only recently surpassed.

5. Brian Lara (West Indies)

Tests: 131, Runs: 11953, Average: 52.28, 100s: 34, Highest Score: 400*

Brian Lara had the tough job of maintaining the brilliance that had been established by players like Sobers, Richards, and George Headley while also attempting to turn around the fortunes of West Indian cricket, which had threatened to fall into history.

While following in the footsteps of his more experienced peers, Lara not only kept up with them in terms of scoring displays but also carved out a place for himself outside of their shadows.

With two first-class scores over 400 to round off his career, the Trinidadian gave the spectators a glimpse of the strength that West Indies cricket once possessed.

6. Sir Garfield Sobers (West Indies)

Tests: 93, Runs: 8032, Average: 57.78, 100s: 26, Highest Score: 365*

Sir Garfield Sobers is still the best all-around player ever played, thanks to his enviable batting technique and boisterous Caribbean flair. The left-hander, who amassed 235 wickets and was equally adept on the off-side, was the first batsman to slam six sixes in a single over against Malcolm Nash.

7. Jacques Kallis (South Africa)

Tests: 150, Runs: 12260, Average: 57.02, 100s: 41, Highest: 224

“If the entire world of cricket were a museum and each player were valuable works of art, then Jacques Kallis would be this museum’s Mona Lisa—priceless and one in a billion.” This quotation perfectly captures the atmosphere of Jacques Kallis, the world’s most reliable and flawless all-arounder. The most man-of-the-match honors in Test cricket history went to Kallis, whose unwavering focus kept him focused in the face of all distractions.

He continued to be a sight to behold, the traditional and classical outsider whose achievements frequently went unnoticed in the thick of Ponting’s anger or Tendulkar’s divinity.

8. Sir Vivian Richards (West Indies)

TTests: 121, Runs: 8540, Average: 50.23, 100s: 24, Highest Score: 291

Long before players like Sehwag and Gilchrist entered the fray, Viv Richards made a name for himself as the most savage and dominant batsman the bowlers had faced with his absurd propensity to frustrate the bowling attack everywhere. The Caribbean batter is still regarded as the most feared cricketer of all generations because of his razor-sharp timing and confident demeanor.

9. Sunil Gavaskar (India)

Tests: 125, Runs: 10122, Average: 51.12, 100s: 34, Highest Score: 236

Gavaskar paved the way to greatness, motivating a nation to rub elbows with the game’s titans long before Tendulkar won over the hearts of Indians. Gavaskar, the first player to amass 10,000 Test runs, played with an almost perfect technique and remarkable commitment.

As per cricket records and cricket update, Gavaskar excelled in the area where it is said that one must hold themselves to a high standard in comparison to the best in the field to be the best. The fact that they defeated the mighty West Indies of the 1970s and 1980s, popularly known as the “Best Team to Have Played Test Cricket,” for 27,49 runs at an average of 65 and thirteen centuries speaks for itself.

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