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Top 10 Fastest Bowlers in Cricket in All Formats

Top 10 Fastest Bowlers in Cricket in All Formats
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The fast bowlers in the cricket world are the blessings for a team. Undoubtedly, the fast bowlers are proud of any cricket team for the bowling attack and the crown jewel of the cricket lineup for an efficient cricket team. With the evolution of different styles and techniques, the bowlers are owning them for a glorious victory in cricket matches.

Cricket is one of the most interesting sports in the world that comprises amazing teamwork of batters, bowlers, and fielders. The fate of cricket doesn’t solely depend on the batting but the bowler’s whirlwind delivery can tweak the game in favour. It is enticing to see the bowlers dazzle the enthusiasts with their bowling speed on the pitch.

Let’s have a look at the fastest bowlers in cricket in all formats according to the latest cricket updates.

List of Fastest Bowlers in Cricket!

1. Mitchell Starc

Mitchell Starc is an Australian left-arm fast bowler with an amazing current rate of 143.2 kph. Starc delivered his highest bowling speed at 160.4 kph against New Zealand in the Champions Trophy match in 2017. Besides being a super-fast bowler in the match, he even took a successful wicket.

2. Wahab Riaz

Wahab forayed into the cricket world in the early 2000s with his debut in the 2001-02 season. In 2018, the national selectors chose a player from Lahore for the One Day International (ODI) team. Coming in the field as the fifer against India in the 2011 semi-finals, one of his balls defeated Yuvraj’s batting swirls. This is one of his significant career highlights.

Riaz has the current fastest bowling speed at a rate of 149.6 kph against India. Wahab is a lower-order batsman and is highly under-appreciated but he would surely keep the batsman on the back foot in future cricket matches.

Wahab showed his outstanding bowling speed during the Champions Trophy match at Edgbaston, Birmingham.

3. Pat Cummins

The Australian right-arm fast bowler and all-rounder. Pat Cummins holds major cricket records for being the world’s fastest bowler with an average speed of 143.3 kph. Another record is marked for second-fastest bowling with an average speed of 149.3 kph against England in the Champions Trophy.

4. Tymal Mills

Tymal Mills is known for switching the emotions of the cricket fans in a jiffy with his unique bowling game. At the age of 25, he set the record of delivering the ball at a rate of 149 kph, which is quite difficult to match for other upcoming cricketers.

Mills’s average bowling speed is 131.5 kph which he attained in a match against India in Bangalore. Marking his grandeur in the cricket world, he set the record in the 3rd ODI match.

5. Shannon Gabriel

TBelonging to West Indies, Shannon Gabriel is a right-arm fast bowler with a current delivery speed of 137.9 kph, making him one of the most stunning bowlers. In the 3rd test against Pakistan in 2017, he came up with his fastest bowling at 148.2 kph with 2 wickets down.

6. Jasprit Bumrah

During the much-adored cricket rivalry between India and Pakistan in the finals of the Champions Trophy in 2017, Jasprit Bumrah gave his fastest bowling rate of 148.1 kph. This fabulous performance dragged him to be among the top 10 bowlers in the world. To date, Bumrah has his fastest bowling speed at 138.3 kph. These are surely remarkable moments in the history of India-Pakistan matches.

7. Adam Milne

Adam Milne is a terrific bowler in the cricket world and he demonstrated his potential at the age of 18, taking 4/52 against Canterbury. During the match, Adam drew all eyes on him with his consistent bowling speed of 145-150 kph.

Adam’s stupendous bowling performance opened new opportunities, where selectors brought up his name for the 2015 World Cup. Hailing from New Zealand, the right-handed bowler is a key player known for his wonderful bowling speed. His average bowling speed of 138.4 kph has made him step into the top ten fastest bowlers.

However, the New Zealand player increased his bowling pace to a stunning 147.7 kph in the Champions Trophy against Bangladesh.

8. Liam Plunkett

On the Pakistan tour in 2005, Liam Plunkett made his debut in Test and ODI cricket matches. The right-arm fast bowler, Liam plays with an average bowling speed of 137 kph, making him a key player in the cricket world. From the previous records, he has delivered his great delivery at an incredible speed of 147.3 kph in the 3rd T20I against South Africa.

9. Kagiso Rabada

The match performances are evident to show the capabilities of the South African player, Kagiso Rabada. Rabada has the fastest average bowling speed of 138.3 kph, maintaining his speed to reverse swing the ball to defeat the opponents. The right-arm fast bowler extended his bowling speed to 147 kph against England, taking four wickets in the 3rd test match

10. Umesh Yadav

Umesh Yadav features his right-arm bowling at an average speed of 138.7 kph, making him the fastest bowler in the Indian team. Umesh Yadav had his wrathful bowling at 146.6 kph against Sri Lanka. Moreover, he took down two wickets during the test match.

Summing Up

If you are a cricket enthusiast, you must be wondering about the latest cricket news. The fastest bowlers have the potential to bring glory to the team. Not only the batters but also the bowlers turn the fate of the match. Due to the upcoming Asia Cup event, the performances of the top players are top cricket news to predict the winning outcome.

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