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Live Cricket Scores, Match Updates of All Matches

Live Cricket Scores, Match Updates of All Matches


UAE, 148 for 3, beat Namibia by seven runs (141/8)

Earlier this evening, the United Arab Emirates recorded their first victory in the ICC  Men’s T20 World Cup 2022 against Namibia.

Both teams were part of Group A.

UAE won the toss and opted to bat first. Mohammad Waseem and Vritya Aravind, who earlier played in the middle order, opened the game. 

At the eighth over, V. Aravind was caught out by Scholtz. The UAE side was still struggling for runs at 43/1.

Jan Frylinck bowled the 10th over and the UAE batters started smashing the balls, scoring 58 with one wicket down.

Mid-14th over, Mohammad Waseem completed his half-century with 40 deliveries. However, he got out in the next ball.

After finishing the 17th over, UAE was at 113/3 after knocking Sharafu’s wicket down.

The final over was a fantastic play. UAE squeezed out 21 runs with just 6 balls, increasing their score to 148.

It was a big final over with an even bigger show of partnership between Basil and Rizwan.

Namibia needed 149 runs to play further in the T20 World Cup.

Stephen Baard and Michael Van Lingen opened for Namibia.

Namibia lost their first Wicket as Stephen Baard was caught out. It was the first wicket for Junaid Siddique and that too in his first over in International cricket.

Another wicket was lost in the third over. Michael van Lingen leaves the field courtesy of a brilliant catch from Zahoor Khan. Captain Erasmus was the latest to walk in.

The team lost their third wicket when Basil Loftie-Eaton departed as he struck in front. 

The live cricket score is 26/3 in 5 overs.

At 6.4 overs,  It was almost another wicket for UAE. Junaid Siddique’s delivery squared up to Frylinck but it landed in no man’s land as a four. That was a brilliant shot.

Four wickets were gone till the time Namibia reached a score of 43.

Just before the beginning of the ninth over, Meiyappan gets a big breakthrough. Captain Erasmus departed right after the powerplay as he ran out.

The live cricket score was 46/5 with 7.5 overs done.

From the tenth over, UAE got a stronghold in the game. Namibia only got four runs out of Meiyappan’s over. It would not be an exaggeration to say that UAE was on its way to winning its first game of the tournament.

Score – 53/5

At the end of the 13th over, UAE took the field. Zahoor Khan delivers a thunderbolt of a yorker. Another wicket and Zahoor Khan will gain a hat-trick.

Zane Green and Frylinck leave in quick succession.

David Weise coming to the ground brought Namibia’s hope back. 

Giving six boundaries ( 3 sixes and 3 fours), Weise played a splendid game. 

Namibia needed 14 off 6 balls.

However, David Weise hauled out to a fielder after scoring 55. Waseem bowled an excellent over.

Weise’s wicket was important for UAE to win.

Namibia needed nine runs off one ball. It was clear whose victory it was.

UAE won the match by 7 runs. 

Mohammad Waseem was the player in the match.

However both the teams didn’t qualify further in the tournament to play super 12 international matches.

Another match was played between Sri Lanka and the Netherlands on October 20, 2022. 

Sri Lanka won the toss and opted to bat first. This was a crucial match at the Simonds Stadium, Geelong. The match was a must-win for both teams, especially Sri Lanka since they lost their first match with Namibia.

Kusal Mendis and Nissanka opened the game. Sri Lanka was off to a slow start scoring 5 runs in two overs.

The pace didn’t change till the fifth over. The score was 22 with no wickets.

After two fours, Sri Lanka finally got a biggie in the 6th over to make amends

Meekeran cleans out Pathum Nissanka and De Silva by the time 8th over rolls in. He missed his hat trick as Asalanka took a single run. 

By the tenth over, Sri Lanka had scored 60 with 2 wickets. They somehow maintained a six-run per over-run rate. 

In the 12th over, things finally started looking forward for Lankans. They scored 12 runs in the twelfth over, increasing the live cricket score to 78.

The Netherlands finally have their third wicket! de Leede wipes out Asalanka and brilliant cooperation comes to an end. Bhanuka Rajapaksa comes to the field.

With 15 overs gone, Sri Lanka was now at 103/3 as Kusal Mendis completed his half-century.

In the following overs, Sri Lanka’s run rate only increased due to the solid partnership between Mendis and Rajapaksa.

By the time the 18th over rolled in, the score reached above 150. However, Rajapaksa departs and Mendis and Shanaka take control.

The last over starts with Hasaranga hitting a boundary. On the second ball, Mendis departed on 79 runs. He had played excellently. 

Sri Lanka managed to score 160 with six wickets down.

The Netherlands needed 163 to get into Super 12.

The Netherlands lose their first wicket in the 4th over as Vikramjit Singh leaves the field. And by the 7th over, Sri Lanka managed to scalp three wickets in quick succession.

Score was 48/3

Hasangra bowled well in this match, he only gave runs in his over.

Till the 10th over, the Netherlands were struggling to make runs. They only scored 63 runs. The team needed 90 more runs off 60 balls without losing more wickets.

Sri Lanka knocks another wicket down in the 12th over. Tim Cooper departs. Credits to Theekshana’s great bowling.

The team is working hard for the comeback, but Sri Lanka got another wicket of Edward’s. 

The score by the fifteenth over was 100 with 5 wickets.

Not more than 5 runs later, the Netherlands lost the other two wickets of Tim Pringle and Van Der Gugten. And in the 17th over, Lankans took another wicket of Fred Klaassen leaving the Netherlands at 109/8 while O’Dowd completed his half-century.

So far, the Netherlands required 39 runs in 2 overs and is working hard to win the game. However, wanting 16 runs with 1 ball was not possible. 

The victory was Sri Lanka’s as they qualified for Super 12.

The Netherlands could get into the Super 12 only if UAE defeats Namibia.

Thus the final two teams going to the Super 12 are Sri Lanka and the Netherlands.

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