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List of Amazing Records In Indian Domestic Cricket | CBTF News

List of Amazing Records In Indian Domestic Cricket | CBTF News

List of Amazing Records In Indian Domestic Cricket

Cricket is a game where everyday record breaks and forms, and domestic cricket is also one of them. Many people ignore domestic cricket and do not watch domestic cricket scores live. In India, the BCCI has made a very good structure for domestic cricket. It provides a platform for many talented players to come and perform. Many young prodigies take the chance with both hands and show the world that they are ready to enter the international world. Many people don’t follow domestic cricket, but every year players come and perform and make an impact on the world. Let’s see the list of records that have stunned the world.

Pranav Dhanawade 1000 plus run in an innings 

Pranav Dhanwade became the poster boy of Indian cricket in January 2016 and made a world record of 1009 runs. He took only 323 balls to score 1009 runs and hit 59 sixes and 129 fours. His team KC Gandhi scored 1465/3, and won by 1382 runs against Arya Gurukul and also broke victoria’s record of 1107 runs. 

He was on every news channel and newspaper after the knock and also broke the record of the highest Indian Individual score of 546 Prithvi Shaw. It has been news for many reasons, and the first one was 1000 by any individual, 30-yard boundary, 10-year-old fast bowler. 

He also got an invitation to play for Mumbai’s A grade, but unfortunately, he didn’t replicate this iconic inning after that and lost in the glamor of cricket. Watch Pranav’s innings on domestic cricket score live.

721 Run Partnership Between B Manoj Kumar & Mohammad Shahbaz

The second match that came into the limelight was between B Manoj Kumar and Mohammad Shahbaz. They break one of the most known partnerships between Vinod Kambli and Sachin Tendulkar of 664 runs. Mohammad Shahbaz Tumbi scored 324* runs, and B Manoj Kumar scored 320* runs. On 15 November 2006, this partnership came, and the whole of India saw the two young prodigies break the record of two legendary international cricketers. They also predicted that these boys can become the next big thing. But the boys from Hyderabad couldn’t make it to the Indian team but his partnership was praised by every Indian.

8/15 in a List A Match By Rahul Sanghvi 

Taking 8 wickets in a match is a dream for many bowlers, and Rahul Sanghvi has dreamt it. In a match between Delhi and Himachal Pradesh, he took 8 wickets for 15 runs. It was the best performance for anyone in List A cricket, and no one can beat this record yet. He also surpassed the Micheal Holding and Chaminda Vaas records. Both have taken 8/21 and 8/19 respectively. He also got a reward for this performance and called for the national side after 2 months. See domestic cricket score live and catch all the action of domestic cricket and read previous records.


Highest Match Aggregate Run in the History of Ranji Trophy 

Nowadays the inclusion of scoring runs becomes easy, but at the time of 1948-49, it was not easy at all. In the 1948-49 seasons a match against Mumbai and Maharashtra were played and a total of 2,376 runs were scored by both teams. It was happening on the ground of Pune(Poona back then). Bombay scored 651 runs in the first inning while batting, and in response, Maharashtra scored 407 runs. Bombay took the lead of 244 runs and they also scored 715 runs in the second innings and took an overall lead of 959 runs. Maharashtra had to chase an impossible 959 runs to win the match, and they could only score 604 runs. Mumbai won the match and made their way to the final.

Jammu and Kashmir Lost the Match Without Taking Any Wickets a Match 

Imagine any team not being able to take wickets in the test cricket format it is hard to imagine. It is an unfortunate record for the Jammu and Kashmir teams. In the 1960-61 Ranji Trophy season, Jammu and Kashmir were playing against the Railways team and lost the match without taking any wickets. According to the domestic cricket score live, J&K only scored 92 runs and 159 runs and couldn’t out the openers of Railways V Mehra and Budhi Kunderan. 

Most Run In First Class Matches

Many people have known the answer. Wasim Jaffer is a domestic cricket legend who has also played many matches for India. Wasim Jaffer has scored 14609 runs in domestic cricket in 186 runs. If you want to see the impact of Wasim Jaffer on domestic c4icket, see domestic cricket scores live. Wasim Jaffar played for Mumbai, and later, he shifted to Vidarbha. 

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