Home News Japan vs Indonesia – Japan Beat Indonesia by 4 wickets

Japan vs Indonesia – Japan Beat Indonesia by 4 wickets

Japan vs Indonesia – Japan Beat Indonesia by 4 wickets

Japan vs Indonesia – Japan Beat Indonesia by 4 wickets

The third match of ICC Men’s T20 World Cup East Asia Pacific Qualifier B 2022 was held between Japan and Indonesia on 16 October 2022 at Sano International Cricket Ground, Sano, Kanto.

Indonesia won the toss and opted to bat first. The first inning started with IK Dharmawan and G Priandana at the crease, and I Takahashi opened the attack. In the first five overs, Japan took the wickets of both openers. Priandana was gone after scoring 4(8), and Dharmawan was dismissed after 9(20). Indonesia scored 23 runs after losing 2 wickets during the powerplay.

D Suzuki-McComb took another wicket of Gamantika in the 6th over. Ramamoorthy was trying to set on the crease, but Ravichandran dismissed him in the 11th over. Ramamoorthy was able to score only 5 runs in 15 balls. The 39 runs partnership of P Surve and Anjar Tadarus ended when Ravichandran dismissed Anjar Tadarus in the 15th over.  P Surve was also gone in the 16th over after playing a great inning and scoring 28 runs in 31 balls.

After that, Indonesia started losing wicket after wicket and finished their inning after scoring a total of 83 runs with a loss of 9 wickets.

The second inning started with L Yamamoto-Lake and S Navarathna on the crease, and RM Koda opened the attack. Indonesia got their first success in the second over.  Priandana dismissed Navarathna with a good length delivery. Navarathna was gone after 1(1). Ramamoorthy took another wicket of Kadowaki-Fleming in the fourth over. In the first five overs, Japan scored 46 runs with a loss of 2 wickets. A good start for Japan.

Ramamoorthy showed his skills by taking one more wicket from Ravichandran. Ravichandran was gone after 10(6). Two back-to-back wickets were credited to the account of Indonesia with the excellent bowling skills of Artawan. Yamamoto-Lake 31(17) and Takahashi 0(3) were gone in the 7th over. When Japan was 3 runs away from the win, it lost one more wicket of Shirai-Patmore. He was gone after scoring 7(11). D Suzuki-McComb and Sakurano-Thomas took Japan to victory. Japan won the match by 4 wickets.

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