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ICC ODI Rankings: Understanding the Yardstick of International Cricket

ICC ODI Rankings: Understanding the Yardstick of International Cricket

ODI or One Day International Cricket is a 50-over game format, where both teams play 50 overs each. If we see world cricket news, dozens of countries play the ODI matches worldwide, so ICC, the governing body of cricket, develops a ranking system to find the superior team. However, every format has its ranking system, and the ODI format ranking system is also known as ODI ranking. In this blog, we will explore the yardstick used by ICC to give the ICC ODI ranking to the teams.

What Is Team Ranking and How It Calculates?

The team ranking is also known as the ICC ranking, a point-based system provided by ICC. These points are given to the team and individual players to assess their ranking. However, don’t confuse the team ranking with the player ranking. 

We need to understand the rating points to better understand ranking. The ICC assigns a team the rating points after the end of the bilateral series or ICC tournaments based on their recent match performance. A team’s position decides based on rating points earned by the team. A team with the highest rating points is the highest-ranked team on the ICC ranking table. The weightage of an ODI match depends on multiple factors. 

For instance, a team will get more points playing in the ICC Championship than in the bilateral series. The ICC ranking also influences the rating points of the two teams. A high-ranked team contributes more to lower-ranked teams if a lower-ranked team wins.

Apart from the team ranking, ICC also maintains the ODI ranking for individual players, such as the ICC batsmen ranking and ICC bowling ranking, and their ranking is determined by their performance in the ODI matches. The individual players’ ranking consists of batters, bowlers, and all-rounders. For a batter, rating points are given by the runs scored, batting average, and returning pavillion not out. For a bowler, wickets taken, economy, average, and performance against the high-ranked batter are the factors that take into account while giving the accounts. Allrounders’ performance with bowling, bat, and fielding are considered.

How ICC Updates and Changes the Ranking in ODI Cricket?

ICC rankings are updated regularly. Generally, changes or updates are made after a bilateral series or a tournament. However, ICC considers current forms and performance to give the rating points. Based on the rating points, ICC changed the ICC ranking. However, you might be thinking of what is the significance of the ranking and why ICC keeps changing the ICC ranking. ICC ODI ranking is significant in itself as it measures the team’s performance in the long run. These rankings also help teams to qualify directly in the ICC tournaments. These rankings also influence the fixture of the bilateral series between the teams. For instance, ICC ODI World Cup 2023 is about to start in India, and the top eight teams of the ICC ranking directly qualify for the World Cup. However, two times World Champions West Indies and one-time World champions Sri Lanka could qualify for the World Cup as they were not in the top eighth of the ICC ranking. Both teams are playing in the ICC qualifiers to fix their spot in the world cup.

It is vital to remember that the ICC ODI ranking is different from the Test ranking and ICC team T20 ranking, as every format’s ranking is assessed separately based on their performance in their current matches.

Conclusive Remarks

ICC ODI rankings are crucial for every team as it provides structured frameworks that evaluate their performance in the international arena. They offer a basis for determining the relative strengths of teams and players and play a significant role in shaping the landscape of international cricket. The player rankings add another layer of analysis and discussion in ODI cricket. They enable fans, experts, and teams to identify the standout performers in various aspects of the game. The rankings also create excitement and healthy competition among players, motivating them to strive for consistent excellence in ODI cricket. Visit the CBTF Speed News website to learn more about ICC ranking.


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