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How To Fast-Track Your Cricket Predictions

How To Fast-Track Your Cricket Predictions

The thrill of a live cricket game is doubled once you begin to predict the winner. Cricket predictions in general have become one of India’s most enjoyable activities. It is one of the way for cricket fans to show that they have an understanding of the game.

With the number of events on the cricket calendar increasing every year, there is no shortage of opportunities to earn bragging rights with your accurate cricket predictions. Here is some of the best advice to consider when making cricket predictions.

Learn About Teams’ Recent Achievements

Though there is no guarantee that the team in the form will not be in good condition in upcoming matches, studying recent performances will give you a sense of how well the team is doing.

Investigate consistency or lack of consistency in batting and bowling performance.
Notice the players that played a significant role in their team’s victories. Look at the groups to understand whether they depended on just a few or more players in their victories.

To do this, find the results of matches where some of the team’s key players have failed to deliver or have been excluded from playing XI. You will also get an idea of the team’s bench strength. In this way your cricket predictions will be better.

Read The Statistics Head To Head

Studying historical statistics aims to develop a better understanding of the nature of competition between the two extremes.

One team could have won seven matches against the opposition and yet lost in the eighth game. Therefore, stay on your toes when interpreting these figures.

By looking at past face-to-face matches, you can spot critical battles and find out more about match-ups. For example, let’s take the England vs India Test match in South Africa and observe the match-up between James Anderson and Virat Kohli.

Before your cricket predictions, When you analyze both teams that way, you get a clearer image of which side has an advantage.

Look At The Players’ Current Form

Teams always try to strike the right balance between experienced players and young guns in their squads. When predicting the winner, it may be tempting to trust seasoned players with many milestones in their names.

However, the basic form of players is a more reliable factor to consider during cricket predictions.

Stay On Top Of The Latest News And Expert Opinions

Make sure to be updated about player injuries or other factors that may impact selections. Read experts’ opinions, such as former cricket players and sports journalists, with a thorough understanding of current data and game statistics, including relevant players.

You may get to learn the shortcomings of the players thanks to the technical eye of experts that never miss out anything. The game’s technical features discussed in these articles or videos will help you refine your cricket predictions.

Also, don’t forget to look up the venue records to see if the team that hits first or second has won more matches. In the location statistics, you can also find the average scores in innings 1 and 2. If you review the latest games played at the venue, search for the most successful style of bowling – seam, spin or swing.

Weather And Ground Conditions

For a test game, especially in England, the weather is significant. Cloudy conditions help balance the swing bowlers, and without the sun, the field may not help spin bowlers on the fourth and fifth day.

The grassy pitch will offer movement for seam bowlers, which has a good impact even in the T20s. Assess these conditions and compare them with both teams’ bowling attack and batting skills. Discover which of the two teams is better suited to these conditions.


With all these aspects and tips you can make better cricket predictions and be on top of the leader board undoubtedly. Wishing you all the best for your upcoming cricket predictions.


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