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How ICC Gives Ranking to Cricket Players?

How ICC Gives Ranking to Cricket Players?

The ICC T20 Ranking is a table where international cricket players’ performances are ranked using a Points Based System. A scale from 0 to 1000 points is used to rate players. A player’s score grows if they perform better than they did the year before, and their points decrease if they perform worse.

Since a few months ago, Virat Kohli has maintained his top spot in the ICC’s Test and ODI rankings. With 922 rating points in Test matches, Kohli leads Kane Williamson, who is in second place.

Let’s learn in this post how the ICC determines player rankings;

All About ICC T20 Team Ranking 

An algorithm, which is a series of calculations (all pre-programmed), is used to determine the value of each player’s performance within a match while considering the various circumstances in each match.

This algorithm also takes the runs scored and wickets taken by a player during the game. When a player contributes significantly to his team during a crucial moment, his performance is valued highly.

No subjective evaluation or human interaction is used in the ranking computation procedure. It’s also crucial to note that the parameters used to determine a player’s performance for T-20, One Day, and Test cricket vary.

In the ICC, players’ places in the tables are referred to as “rankings,” while their points are referred to as “ratings.”

For Example

Despite disappearing from the Test List in 2009 as a result of losing his spot in the Indian Test team in 2008, Parthiv Patel’s ICC Test rating persisted for a while due to outdated records. However, this ranking was not upgraded because he was not participating in any matches. Parthiv, though, rejoined the Test squad in 2016, which is why he also returned to the rankings.

On the other hand, a player’s name is deleted from the ICC cricket ranking list if they retire from a specific format.

Like Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who withdrew from Test cricket in 2014 and was removed from the Test rankings, the ICC determines his rating in ODI and T-20. Dhoni is currently ranked 21st in ODIs.

A player’s ranking is given as soon as they play a match. But the ICC only releases the names of the top 100 players. To enter the top 100, a player must participate in numerous matches.

Ranking of Batsmen – ICC T20 Ranking 

  1. Is It Out or Not? (Bonus points are given to Not out players)
  2. Ratings of the opposing bowling attack; the worth of the batsman’s innings is proportionally increased the higher the aggregate ratings of the bowling attack.
  3. The number of runs scored equals more bonus points. More credit will be given for a century in the second inning than the first.
  4. The point at which runs are scored. When a player scores while his team is in trouble, they receive more rating points.
  5. The number of runs scored during the game. A player’s 100 runs in this inning are worth less than they would in a low-scoring match if both teams score just 150 runs since the algorithm would rank a match as high scoring if both teams score 500 in an inning.
  6. A player receives bonus points if his team wins the game and he scores more runs. However, extra points will be awarded if the squad defeats a powerful opponent.

Ranking of Bowlers – ICC T20 Ranking

  1. Taken wickets and runs allowed
  2. The batters’ ratings were dismissed. Since Kohli now holds the top spot in the Test rankings, his wicket will award bowlers with more rating points than Jaspreet Bumrah’s.
  3. If Australia’s team scored 350 runs in a one-day match and Bhuvneshwar Kumar claimed three wickets for 50 runs (3-50) in another game where Australia’s team scored 180 runs, and Hardik Pandya claimed three wickets for 50 runs (3-50). Therefore, Bhuvneshwar Kumar will receive more rating points because he allowed 50 runs with a big run total, while Pandya spent 50 runs in a game with just 180 runs.
  4. Heavy workload, even if they don’t take any wickets, bowlers who bowl a lot of overs in a game are given more excellent credit.

The standings are updated when?

The ICC typically updates the Test rankings after each Test match (often within 12 hours) and the ODI ratings after each ODI series. However, if another Test match is currently underway, the Test rankings have typically kept a secret.

The points matter the most to getting ICC Cricket Ranking

A good player receives 500 rating points. A player with 750 or more rating points can be chosen for the top 10 player list. However, a player has one of the most outstanding rankings if they get more than 900 points.

Wrapping Up

Therefore, it is evident from this article that the ICC considers just a few variables when determining player rankings, such as playing conditions, runs, the strength of the opposition team, etc.

Therefore, the ICC T20 ranking reveals the athletes’ true potential. After reading this post, we anticipate you will have learned a lot.

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