Home CBTF news Have Drop-in Pitches Resulted in a Change in Australian Cricket?

Have Drop-in Pitches Resulted in a Change in Australian Cricket?

Have Drop-in Pitches Resulted in a Change in Australian Cricket?

Have Drop-in Pitches Resulted in a Change in Australian Cricket?

Australia is known for the drop in pitches that’s why Australian conditions are more challenging and exciting compared to the other. Many people are thinking Australian cricket is starting to change due to it. If we see the cricket news, the Australian batter was the reason for the change.

What Are Drop-In Pitch?

The drop-in pitch is clear with its name as it is created anywhere else and dropped into the venue or ground before the match. The first-ever drop-in pitch was used in Perth, Australia, and has many advantages of drop-in pitches, and serves multiple purposes. The ground can be used for other sports or musical concerts. Australia represents itself in multiple sports, and allows them to host football, rugby, and cricket matches and concerts. The curator can modify the pitch while it becomes difficult with the regular one. Drop-in pitch can be easily made, as a bowler-friendly combination of soil, clay, and grass.

Reason for Change In Australian Cricket

The Australian team has dominated world cricket in each format, but after the ban of Steve Smith and David Warner, the downfall of Australian cricket started. If we see cricket Samachar, Steve Smith, and David Warner are the pillars of the Australian team, and they have taken care of the top order for a long time. The unavailability of them and team selection made Australia even weak. No one was able to fill the big shoes, and selectors also did not give the chance to a player. 

A few years back, Australia was in the same situation, and Darren Lehman renovated the whole squad. They lost the first two tests against South Africa, and the top cricket news is that they won the third test match after the renovation. Justin Langer couldn’t take a decision likeLehman.

The selection of the Marsh brothers was also a question mark because they were playing constantly even after repeated success. Shaun Marsh started his career with a bang, but his performance started to reduce over time. Against South Africa, he was struggling to score a double-digit number. Mitchel Marsh started his career slowly and was in and out of the team constantly. At the start of his career, Sanjay Manjrekar said he is “neither this nor that” player. His bowling skill was weak, and his batting was not strong enough. Even after the bad performance, they were in the team. Nowadays, Mitchel Marsh has leveled up and become the match-winner.

Captain Tim Paine is also the biggest mystery of Australian cricket. Cricket Australia banned Steve Smith, and he was the captain. So, the captain’s place gets vacant, and Tim Paine becomes the captain. Many people trolled him as Time Pine was nowhere around the other captains like Steve Waugh, Ricky Ponting, and Michael Clarke. His place was not even secure if he was not the captain. Mathew Wade was the leading run scorer in the 2018-19 season of the Sheffield Shield but didn’t get a chance in the team because Tim Paine was the captain and wicket-keeper. Tim Paine was brought back into the team after 7 years and appointed as a captain, and it was the trending cricket news.

Australia is known for its all-around player and performance, but this Australian team lacked the all-rounder and intent. At this time, England is the best team in the world because of the Allrounders. They are full of all-rounders in the team who can win the match single-handedly. Steve Smith and David Warner returned to the team after a ban, and all the concern about Australian cricket disappeared. Mitchel Marsh and Marcus Stoinins are consistently performing and fulfilling their needs for the all-rounders.

Performance of Australia and Other Teams

If we see the cricket news update, people are claiming that Australian cricket has declined compared to the 90s and 2010s. Yeah, this team is not as dominant as the previous Australian team, but it doesn’t tell us about the decline of Australian cricket. Other teams have improved a lot like New Zealand, Sri Lanka, and South Africa, and they are competing with mighty Australia. This team has also one of the best players like Nathan Lyon, Steve Smith, and Pat Cummins. Lyon is the one of best bowler of this generation, while Steve Smith is far ahead of others. The previous team used to be unbeatable due to the weaker opposition.


Drop-in pitch is majorly used in Australia as it provides flexibility. On the ground, multiple things can take place like football, rugby, and concerts due to drop-in pitches. Many people are claiming that drop-in pitches are the reason for the decline in Australian cricket. It is not true because other teams have improved and are competing with the Australian. Visit the CBTF website for the cricket news update.

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