Home International Cricket News Get Live Cricket Scores of Matches for All Teams in 2022 for All Key Tournaments

Get Live Cricket Scores of Matches for All Teams in 2022 for All Key Tournaments

Get Live Cricket Scores of Matches for All Teams in 2022 for All Key Tournaments

Cricket is such a popular game in the world that there is some sort of cricket match and game always going on somewhere in the world. It can be men’s cricket matches, women’s matches, IPL, T20s, and so on. Cricket, as a sport, has a huge fan base. When we say huge, we mean massive! People from all over the world follow this sport quite religiously. 

However, it might not always be possible for everyone to go to the stadium and watch every cricket match live. No matter how much this game means to people, especially Indians, not everyone always has the time to sit in front of the television and keep constant track of scores and whether or not their favorite team is winning or losing. People have busy schedules and hence cannot always make out the time.

Thanks to the internet and digital media where now we can get all the latest updates about any event or occurrence in the world and cricket as a sport is no exception here. You can quickly get all the live cricket score international and national, which is just one tap away. Let us make the work even easier for you and help you know the scores of cricket matches with ease.

Live Updates on Cricket Scores

Here you can find the latest score updates on all the latest matches, both international and national. The newest game that took place was on October 19th, 2022, in Hobart, a city in Australia, so we will be giving you most of the live score updates from that match, i.e., ICC Men’s T20 World Cup.

  • West Indies Vs. Zimbabwe

This match between Zimbabwe and West Indies was played on October 19th,2022, for the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup in Hobart, Australia. In this match, West Indies won with a score of 153/7 with a 31-run margin. The player of this match was the 25-year-old Antiguan cricketer Alzari Joseph. This win against Zimbabwe is a source of motivation for the West Indies team.

  • Scotland Vs. Ireland

Next, in our list of live cricket score international, we have the match between Scotland and Ireland again on October 19th, 2022, in Hobart, Australia. Ireland won with a score of 180/4 with six wickets and six balls remaining. The player of the match here was the 23-year-old South African Irish Cricketer Curtis Campher, with 72 from 32 balls. There was a feeling of nervousness in Ireland before the game because they were not ready to lose since they could not afford it, and luckily enough, they did not. This win was significant for the Ireland team since it ensured they stayed in the Super 12s.

  • India vs. New Zealand

Moving on to our next match. For a change, here we have one game with India, with the opponent team being New Zealand. Unfortunately, this match was abandoned and called off without being completed, so we will not be able to give you the live scores of this match. The match was called off due to heavy and continuous rain disrupting the game. Let us hope the next rounds are not called off due to the weather. 

  • Afghanistan vs. Pakistan

Moving onto our following live cricket score international, we have the match between Afghanistan and Pakistan in another city in Australia called Brisbane. However, there has been no result in this match yet. The latest scores are 154/6 for Afghanistan and 19/0 for Pakistan. We, unfortunately, do not have many updates about this match. Moving on!


  • South Australia vs. Tasmania

Don’t worry! We have updates on the following live cricket score international, which is the match between South Australia vs. Tasmania. Tasmania won this match with a score of 245 and 235/3. It won by seven wickets. We won’t go without mentioning the player of the game that was 37-year-old Aussie Cricketer Peter Siddle.

Upcoming Matches 

These were some of the matches that were played. There are many more such matches that are scheduled to take place soon. Some of them can be Sri Lanka vs. Netherlands match scheduled for October 20th, 2022. Another one can be the Namibia vs. the United Arab Emirates match, scheduled on October 20th,2022, in Geelong. 

Wrapping Up

Cricket is not just about the match or the people who are playing these matches. It is also about how you spend time and what you choose to do when you watch cricket. Cricket can give you intense adrenaline rushes but also help you relax and get cozy on the weekend at home. People worldwide, especially in India, watch cricket for many reasons, but we will not dive into those reasons now. Maybe some other time.

Cricket will not be an exciting game in India. Since our childhoods, we have seen small kids who often included us, gathering in the colony playground or even on the streets to play this sport even though we had close to no knowledge about it.

 All we knew was someone would throw the ball, and we had to hit it and take runs. Gone are those days! There are many highly skilled and extraordinary cricketers worldwide, and each has had its ups and downs. Their specialty and their style. We know many consider the epitome and embodiment of proficient cricket players.

Anyhow, with the busy schedules and lifestyles that we have nowadays, it is entirely understandable if someone cannot always find the time to sit back and watch an entire cricket match with dedication. When will digital media and the internet help? 

We have listed some of the latest games that have been played and also mentioned some of the upcoming scheduled matches. No matter where you are and what you do, you no longer have to fear missing out. We have your back with our live cricket score international and national. 

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