Home News Fielder Who Has Made the Most Impact On Their Team In the T20 World Cup

Fielder Who Has Made the Most Impact On Their Team In the T20 World Cup

Fielder Who Has Made the Most Impact On Their Team In the T20 World Cup

Fielder Who Has Made the Most Impact On Their Team In the T20 World Cup

We all have witnessed the T20 world cup 2022 and seen one of the best fielding, from diving catches to direct hits from the boundary rope. Most teams had neglected fielding for decades, but now it has become the point of difference. Now it doesn’t matter how they play, every team has great athletic skill in fielding.

A bad fielding decreases the morale of bowlers and other players, while a great effort on the field boosts their energy. We have seen good fielding in this world from the first match. Be it the flying catch of Glenn Phillips or the direct throw of KL Rahul and Shadab. A good piece of fielding can turn the table in a blink of a second.

In the 90’s most teams didn’t do well in fielding, but this shortest format of the game demands a little contribution from everyone. If you want to win against the opposite team, you have to make a little bit of extra effort. That’s why every team does well in fielding.

How Are Fielders Assessed?

We can compare two batsmen by their run, strike rate, and boundaries and can compare two bowlers by wickets and economy rates. How do we compare two fielders, and how will we know this run out is better than this catch?

It is always difficult to compare two fielders because we can’t say which piece of fielding is better. That’s why ICC came up with the points for their actions. Every fielder will be awarded points for their action on a different basis. Even a fielder can get negative points for their bad performance. Every action will include points like taking a catch, involving in a run-out, saving runs, and how good they are on the field.

The only problem with score systems is that it adds up across matches and does not give insight into the best piece of fielding.

Fielders Who Have Made the Biggest Impact

The T20 world cup 2022 has come to an end. So, who makes the biggest impact in fielding? We are going to see the fielder who has been good in the field constantly.

Glenn Maxwell is at the top with 44.52 points. He is one of the best fielders in the world, and no surprise he is at the top. He has caught many catches, made many run-outs, and also made pressure on fielders.

Liam Livingstone from England is at 2nd with 37.88 points, and Roelof van der Merwe is third with 31.83 points. His catch of Dawid Miller against South Africa is the highlight of the T20 world cup 2022. Glenn Phillips is at 4 with 30.78 points and takes a stunning catch against Australia. KL Rahul is at five with 30.22 points. He ran out Liton Das against Bangladesh, which was the turning point of the match.


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