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Duck In Cricket: Everything You Need to Know & Its Amazing History | CBTF News

Duck In Cricket: Everything You Need to Know & Its Amazing History | CBTF News

Duck In Cricket: Everything You Need to Know & Its Amazing History

Duck is a very famous cricketing term. When batters get out without scoring any run, it is known as the duck. The batter can get out without scoring a run in different ways and has its name. No batters want a duck because it is not great for their confidence and not for fans. Nowadays, an almost everyday cricket match is being played, and the duck has become usual. Every other day a batter goes out by duck. Some of the biggest names in cricket have got out on ducks, and Snath Jayasuriya from Sri Lanka has this unfortunate record, and he is one of the biggest names: who have 53 ducks. Duck is not a good thing, whenever a good batsman makes a duck, it becomes the headline. Many players have a list of ducks in domestic cricket according to the BCCI’s latest news on domestic cricket. Let’s see the list of players who have made a duck in international cricket. 

The player who has the Most Ducks In Cricket History 

Duck is not a record to be proud of, but unfortunately, many players have made it. Sri Lankan bowler Muttiah Muralitharan is in the first position with 59 ducks in 495 matches of his international career. West Indian fast bowler Courtney Walsh is at 2nd with 54 ducks, he was a great fast bowler, but his record in batting is pretty bad. Sri Lankan batter Sanath Jayasuriya is at 3rd with 53 ducks in his 586 international match career, which is an unfortunate record in his extraordinary career. Australian fast bowler Glenn McGrath is at 4th with 49 ducks in 376 international matches, and he was a great bowler but has an unfortunate record with the bat. The next player on the list is Mahela Jayawardene, one of the greatest batsmen of all time, but he has an unfortunate record with 47 ducks in his 652 international match career. 

The number of ducks never tells the caliber of a batsman, and we can see that Jayawardene and Jayasuriya are on the list with the most number of ducks among batsmen, and both are one of the greatest batsmen of all time. If we see in domestic cricket the number of ducks increased compared to international cricket. You can check it on BCCI’s latest news on domestic cricket.

What is the Meaning of Duck In Cricket 

Duck is a very famous term in cricket when any batsman got out on zero, or say without scoring a run in any format of cricket known as the duck. It is an unfortunate record that no batsman wants to make, but due to excellent bowling, or any mistake, the batter gets to make a duck.

Whenever a batter came to bat after a duck, they tried to open their account because it takes off pressure from the batter. Since the batter’s job is to make as many runs as possible, and in this case, ducks also become a sign of embarrassment.

Even at this high level of cricket, the game demands every little contribution from the bowlers, and they also don’t want to get out on a duck. Their little contribution can make a difference and can be the reason for their win.

History of Duck 

We all know any batters get out on zero, call it to duck or out for the duck. It is started with the phrase duck’s egg. When a former British monarch, Edward VII used to play cricket during his school days, he was a cricket enthusiast and used to play cricket frequently. It is said that in July 1986, he arrived at the crease and got bowled without scoring any runs. A reporter from Daily Time phrases it like Edward “returned to the pavilion for a duck’s egg”. It is assumed that duck stuck from there and was widely used after that.

Different Types of Ducks In Cricketing Terms 

A player can get out in different ways even after scoring zero runs. So, every type has its unique name.

  • Duck

In the case of Duck or Regular Duck, the batter got out for zero after playing more than one ball. You will witness a duck in almost every cricket match. New Zealand Geoff Allott has the maximum number of ducks, and he has got out 72 times without scoring a run. 

  • Golden Duck

When a batter gets out at a personal score of zero on the first ball, he is facing. If any batsman got back-to-back with a golden duck, it is known as the king pair. It is very embracing for the batter and becomes terrible for the team.

  • Diamond Duck

 Diamond Duck came in an unfortunate case. When a batter got out at the score of zero without facing any ball known as a diamond duck. It can happen when a batter gets run out, or the ball becomes wide, and the batter gets stumped out. But most of the time the batter runs out.

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