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Cricket’s Biggest Fight: Australia VS India | CBTF News

Cricket’s Biggest Fight: Australia VS India | CBTF News

The cricket biggest fight between India and Australia: The IPL is great, but have you ever watched India and Australia play cricket? Yes, those feelings must be present in cricket fans’ minds as they look forward to another enthralling series between two seasoned cricketing nations. Although these two nations share many things, nothing brings them closer together than cricket. But when India and Australia encounter on the field, irritants are never far away.

Let’s look at the big fights in cricket from the matches between India and Australia.

  • Sunil Gavaskar and Dennis Lillee

Australia and India have a long shared history that predates the 1980s. Details are along these lines: In 1981, India visited Australia as part of a trip. When both sides arrived at the MCG for the series’ final game, the hosts had a 1-0 advantage after three games. Sunil Gavaskar, the Indian captain, was having trouble with his own form during the visit. In the final game of the series, with India down by 182 runs after the first inning, he finally regained his touch. He had amassed 165 runs with Chetan Chauhan for the first wicket when Dennis Lillee pulled one back sharply to hit Sunil Gavaskar’s pads. Rex Whitehead, the umpire, ruled it out LBW, although the Indian skipper was obviously disappointed at the outcome. He maintained his position for a long time believing that his bat had a distinct edge.

Dennis Lillee spoke into Sunil Gavaskar’s ears as he walked toward the changing rooms. Sunil Gavaskar told Chetan Chauhan to leave the field with him in protest after a series of poor umpiring decisions against India. Both of them continued their march toward the boundary line as the latter had to heed his captain’s command. Only when temperatures in both camps had subsided at the crossover did Indian manager Shahid Durrani and his assistant Bapu Nadkarni convince Chetan Chauhan to restart his innings.

  • Michael Slater’s moment of madness

Cricket fans can’t stop talking about this cricket match fight. The infamous 2001 test series was when this occurrence took place. Rahul Dravid, India’s vice captain, was batting in the second innings. When Michael Slater was positioned at short square-leg, he drew one of the deliveries but was unable to keep it on the ground. Michael Slater plowed ahead and appeared to be making an excellent grab. Rahul Dravid maintained his position as he participated in the celebration with his teammates.

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  • ‘Monkeygate’

The most significant cricket fights between players in recent memory. India arrived in Australia in late 2007 with the purpose of moving a step closer to winning the coveted test series against the defending champion Australian team. What they actually received in return was a tour full of controversies. There were several in the series, but we’re going to focus on one that marked a turning point in cricket’s biggest fight between India and Australia. India was chasing a challenging score set by Australia in the first innings of the second test match in Sydney.

When both batsmen were in the middle of the pitch together between overs, Andrew Symonds crossed them. At that moment, it appeared as though he and Harbhajan Singh were having a verbal spat or cricket’s biggest fight. Following the conclusion of the day’s play, Andrew Symonds and Australia filed a formal complaint against the Indian off-spinner, accusing him of making derogatory remarks about the Australian. Harbhajan Singh argued in his defense that Andrew Symonds misunderstood him because he was speaking in Hindi, which is spelled “Monkey.” Harbhajan Singh was given a three-test match suspension by the referee, which had a negative impact on the Indian team and raised the prospect of the BCCI canceling the visit. Both sides attended a formal court hearing in Adelaide’s Federal Court after team management filed an appeal against the ban. Harbhajan Singh was ultimately cleared of the charge, and the three-match suspension was replaced with a fine equal to 50% of the match fees. The entire Australian squad felt let down by their own board because they were concerned about possible financial losses.

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  • Gautam Gambhir’s elbow!

Australia played India in a four-match test series in 2008. India was leading the series 1-0 going into the third game of the series at Feroz Shah Kotla in Delhi. When he got into cricket fights between players with Shane Watson and Simon Katich, local youngster Gautam Gambhir was in the middle of a legendary innings. These 10-15 minutes in a Delhi winter afternoon were quite tense. During the second run, Gautam Gambhir elbowed Shane Watson once. As a result, match official Chris Broad gave the Delhi starter a one-match suspension. Gautam Gambhir was found guilty of a charge under section 2.4 since it is forbidden to make any kind of physical contact while playing cricket.

  • “Speak in English!”

Another incidence of big fights in cricket is in 2014–15, India undertook a prolonged trip to Australia that coincided with the ICC Cricket World Cup. India participated in a tri-series with England and the hosts, Australia, before that World Cup. Rohit Sharma was playing admirably and was on his approach to another series hundred in a league match against Australia at the MCG. In an effort to run out the Indian opener, David Warner tossed a ball his way. Before eluding Brad Haddin, the wicketkeeper, the ball appeared to contact Rohit’s pad. David Warner was not happy when the Indians chose to run an overthrow on that.

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