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Cricketer Who Has Hit the Most Sixes Across All Formats

Cricketer Who Has Hit the Most Sixes Across All Formats

In cricket, sixes equate to home runs. Some batters will timing the ball exceptionally well, while others will hit them with tremendous force. Few cricket players like frequently hitting sixes in the game. In contemporary cricket, hitting a six is regarded as one of the most game-changing skills a hitter might have. The importance of big-hitters today cannot be overstated, especially given that limited-overs cricket has virtually replaced the traditional five-day long format as the sport’s preferred format.

Following that, below is a list of the international cricket batsmen who have hit the most sixes in international cricket.

Chris Gayle, who is famed for his massive sixes, has made the most sixes in all forms.

One of the most talked-about cricket shots in the past ten years was MS Dhoni’s helicopter shot for six. It has always been amazing to watch him push away the Yorker length delivery over the long-on region.

The ODI Monster, Rohit Sharma, has a distinct method for hitting sixes. Whenever he goes big, he appears unstoppable. Every time he hits one of those daddies hundreds, he likes to pocket a bunch of sixes. He also has the most sixes hit in the previous ten years.

Chris Gayle – 553 sixes

The imposing West Indies opener made his international debut in 1999 and has primarily dealt sixes. With 553 sixes from 483 games in all three formats of international cricket, Chris Gayle holds the record for the most sixes ever. This indicates that the Universe Boss has only used sixes to score 3,318 of his 19,594 total runs.

In 103 Test matches, 301 ODIs, and 79 T20Is, Chris Gayle has struck 98 sixes, 331 ODI sixes, and 124 T20I sixes.

Rohit Sharma – 477 sixes

Rohit Sharma, a star Indian opener, is well known for his easy six-hitting skills. Rohit Sharma made his debut in 2007 and has since played 410 games and scored 477 sixes. Sharma, who is aptly known as the “Hitman,” has scored 2,862 of his current 16,000 runs in sixes.

In the 45 Test matches that Rohit Sharma has played thus far, he has struck 64 sixes. Unsurprisingly, his record improves in limited-overs cricket, where he has struck 163 sixes in 132 T20Is and 250 in 233 ODIs. Rohit Sharma has made the most sixes among active players.

Shahid Afridi – 476 sixes

Another person who scored many six in international cricket was the former Pakistan all-rounder. Middle-order batsman Shahid Afridi, who made his international debut in 1996, played in 524 games. Afridi scored 2,856 of his 11,196 runs, or 476 of his total 476 sixes, on the international stage.

Afridi only participated in 27 Test matches during his career, yet he still managed to hit 52 sixes. However, in the 50-over format, where he scored an astounding 351 sixes in 398 ODIs, his six-hitting prowess was most apparent. He also played brilliantly in the twenty-over format, where in 99 T20 Internationals, Afridi smashed 73 sixes.

Players With Most Sixes in International Cricket

Chris Gayle (WI) 551 553
Rohit Sharma (IND) 437 492
Shahid Afridi (PAK) 508 476
Brendon McCullum (NZ) 474 398
Martin Guptill (NZ) 402 383
MS Dhoni (IND) 526 359
Sanath Jayasuriya (SL) 651 352
Eoin Morgan (ENG) 361 346
AB de Villiers (SA) 484 328
Jos Buttler (ENG) 319 280

Stats Insights

We have Martin Guptill and Rohit Sharma on this list of the current cricketers. And before their careers are over, we think Jos Buttler, Virat Kohli, and Aaron Finch will crack the top ten.

The record for “Most Sixes by an Indian Player in International Cricket” now belongs to Rohit Sharma. As long as he continues to play all three formats, he may soon reach 500 sixes and become the first Indian player to accomplish that prestigious feat of scoring the most six in international cricket. He may also reach 500 International Sixes the quickest.

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