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Big Bash League: Change In Technology For 2022-23 BBL Season

Big Bash League: Change In Technology For 2022-23 BBL Season

BBL is the one of biggest cricketing events alongside IPL, but its format is different from the other tournament. BBL had not used the DRS system for a long time due to financial and logistical hurdles. Fans were continuously complaining about it because technology is important, and in the crunch moment, it is necessary. Umpires are also human and tend to make mistakes, but technology does not. Even fans are used to seeing DRS in the ICC and IPL matches. According to the BBL news today match, Big Bash Officials have decided to add DRS and time cap while X-factor and bash boost got removed after the two seasons.

Importance of DRS and Time Cap

BBL started in 2011 and was being played without a DRS system. According to the Big Bash officials, it was difficult to add because of the financial burden and logistic problems. It leads to some harsh calls by umpires and is obvious because Umpires are humans and can make mistakes. Fans were demanding a DRS system for the BBL, and after a long time, it is going to happen in 2022. Cricket Australia was planning to add in before 2022, but due to the pandemic, it became late.

All the BBL matches will have a DRS system, while 24 WBBL matches have a DRS system. And the remaining 35 matches don’t have the DRS system and are produced through live-stream technology. If we see the BBL news today match, CA said there will be better coverage in the future of WBBL seasons.

BBL officials added an innings clock for the upcoming BBL seasons. The fielding team will bowl their last over inside the 79 minutes, and if they fail to do so. They will face the in-game penalty, which means they can only have a maximum of four fielders instead of five for the remainder of the innings. We have seen this law in international cricket.

Removal of Bash Boost and X-Factor

CA added X-factor in 2020 to make this league more exciting. Any team can substitute their one player from the 12th or 13th man in between the first innings. But they haven’t batted or bowled more than a single over. It gives freedom to exchange a player with minimum impact. If a bowler has a bad day, the captain can change it with another player.

In BBL, every team gets three points for winning the match, but the team can get the fourth point, which has the highest score in the middle of the chase. It encourages quick scores, the batter will try to play quickly, and fans will entertain.

But after two years, these two laws are scrapped from the BBL. Cricket Australia though didn’t achieve the impact it wanted. There are no Bash Boost and X-Factor for the upcoming season, and they revert to standard playing. The team will choose the standard playing XI, the 12th man, and the substitute fielder. Point systems are also reverted to two points after every win instead of three, and there is no highest score the mid-way of the chase.

Cricket Australia also added the rule of power surge in 2020, and it will continue for the upcoming season. The power surge is taken from the powerplay, and there will be only 4 overs of powerplay. The batting team can take the remaining overs between the 11-20 overs. Between these overs, only two fielders will be outside of the thirty-yard circle.

Format of BBL 

Eight teams are participating in the BBL and competing to win this trophy. Each team plays two matches against a team, and one match is played on the home ground while the other is on the away. After the end of the league match, the top five teams will qualify for the next round of matches, while the remaining three will be eliminated from the tournament.

From 2022, a team will get two points from a win, one point for a tie, and no points for a loss. The top five teams will face each other to win the trophy, and it is a bit complex. So, let’s understand it together.

The team that finishes fourth and fifth place, plays an eliminator and the team that won the match qualifies for the next round, while the losing team will get out of the tournament. The next round is the knock-out game. The team in third place and the winner of the eliminator will play, and the winner of the knock-out will qualify for the next round. The qualifier is played between the team at first and second place, and the winner will get direct entry to the final while the losing has the hope to take place into the final. The losing team of the qualifier and the winning team of the knock-out will play the challenger, and the winning team will get entry to the final. Now we have the two finalists: the winner of the qualifier and the winner of the challenger, and they will face each other to win the final.

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