Home Big Bash League Big Bash League: Brisbane Heat Edges Out Adelaide Strikers by 6 Runs

Big Bash League: Brisbane Heat Edges Out Adelaide Strikers by 6 Runs

Big Bash League: Brisbane Heat Edges Out Adelaide Strikers by 6 Runs

At The Gabba, Brisbane, Brisbane Heat and Adelaide Strikers played against each other where the former team won the toss and opted to bat first. 

Bryant and Munro came to the middle on the opening bowling from Thornton. In the first over only, Bryant crunched two boundaries and Munro lost his wicket to Short in the 2nd over. 

In the 3rd over, Billings and Bryant both got two fours, one each, getting a score of 21-2. Bryant kept hitting boundaries and got three in the 7th over, crossing the half-century with a score of 60-2. Scoring 46 runs in 29 balls, Bryant got a dismissal from Siddle. 

After 11 overs, BRH boys got to a score of 79-4. Fueling 10 runs in 12 balls, Whiteley lost his wicket to Short. With Billings standing tall on the pitch, BRH crossed the century, standing at a score of 102-5 after 14 overs. In the 17th over, he got to his 50-run stand and jumped to a score of 124-5. 

In the 19th over from Siddle, Billings crunched a two fours and three sixes. Fueling 79 runs in 48 balls, Billings lost his wicket to Wes Agar. 

In 20 overs, BRH posted 166 runs with a loss of 9 wickets. 

To chase down the target of 167, Weatherald and Short came to the middle with Neser on the opening bowling attack. 

Weatherland got out at golden duck and the right-handed batter, Chris Lynn came to the middle and got the first four for the side. In the 3rd over, Hose hit the ball for a four and the side got a score of 25-3. 

Scoring 12 off 10, Lynn got a dismissal from Kuhnemann and the side reached a score of 36-3 after 4 overs. With Grandhomme on the pitch, ADS crossed the half-century with a score of 54-4 after 7 overs. 

After 12 overs, ADS boys managed to jump to a score of 83-4. In the consecutive over, Kelly slammed a six and two fours, reaching the century and standing at a score of 100-4. 

Fuelign 43 in 33 balls, Kelly lost his wicket to Steketee and the left-handed batter, Harry Nielsen took the batting charge. 

In 20 overs, ADS scored 160 with a loss of 9 wickets and lost to BRH by 6 runs. 

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