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Asia Cup 2022: Pakistan Wins the Match Against India by 5 Wickets

Asia Cup 2022: Pakistan Wins the Match Against India by 5 Wickets

In reply to 181 made by team India, the Pakistani Batsmen responded aggressively. To open the batting line of Pakistan Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan went on the Crich. In the very first over of the second inning, the Pakistani order made their intent very clear by scoring 9 runs.

The fourth ball of the third over brought bad news for Pakistan as the first wicket fell off. Babar Azam was shown a way to the pavilion by the ball of Ravi Bishnoi. Rohit Sharma caught out the opener. Fakhar Zaman and Mohammad Rizwan played the best considering the requirement of the situation. The need to win the match required runs, but strategically maintaining the wicket was also important.

It seemed like these two will manage to provide the victory to Pakistan it needs to proceed further in Asia Cup but at the fourth ball of the 8th over Fakhar Zaman was caught out by Kohli on the ball of Yuzvendra Chahal. Fakhar Managed to have an individual score of 15 and the score of Pakistan was 62 for two wickets. The breakage of this 40-run partnership was great news for team India. Men in blue were cheering at the moment but they knew they had a long way to go. At this moment Indian ballers needed to subject more Pakistani batsmen to the pavilion.

Mohammad Nawaz further handled the situation and played with his outstanding batting but at the third ball of the 15th over he was caught out by Hooda the ball of Bhuvneshwar Kumar. The batsman made an individual score of 42 runs on 20 balls. The total score of Pakistan was 136 for three wickets.

Hardik Pandya has the credit of taking the fourth wicket from the Pakistani batting order and that was Rizwan. Rizwan played a very good inning making 71 runs in 51 balls. Due to his batting, Pakistan had a strong hold on the situation.

Asif Ali approached as the fifth batsman on the ground. The score of Pakistan was 147 for the loss of four wickets.

Against the 182 targets provided by team India, the Pakistani batting lineup came with a very aggressive start. Between consistent flow of runs, there were falls of wickets. The Indian ballers were not able to provide the significant support team India needed. Pakistan chased the score with consistency and patience. The contributions of Rizwan and Nawaz were what Pakistan needed to win the match.

On the fifth ball of the last over, Pakistan closed the match with a winning, double-run shot.

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