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A Guide to Top 8 Biggest Sixes in Cricket of All Time | CBTF News

A Guide to Top 8 Biggest Sixes in Cricket of All Time | CBTF News

Sixes the batters score at the crease are some of the most thrilling events on the cricket pitch. Once the ball starts to fly, the fans don’t care whether it’s a modest or significant sixer. However, the deal is always better when the ball flies extremely high and far.

For spectators watching the game, moments seem to last forever as they sit and guess how high and how far the ball will travel, as well as whether it will land in a fielder’s hands or fall directly into the audience. Cricket enthusiasts may become addicted to the anticipation of those short intervals.

Let’s take a look at the top 8 biggest sixes in cricket of all time.

1. Albert Trott (160+ meters)

In the 19th century, Albert Trott hit the longest six in cricket history. Cricketer Albert Trott represented both England and Australia. Such a six had been hit by Albert in the 19th century, crossing the pavilion at Lord’s Cricket Ground. This exact six of his measured more than 160 meters in length, and it was the longest six ever in cricket history. During his time playing for the Marylebone Cricket Club in England, Albert made this shot against Australia.

2. Shahid Afridi (158 meters)

Shahid Afridi’s 158-meter hit in 2013 is at the second position on the list of the biggest sixes in cricket history. It was an away game between Pakistan and the West Indies.

Afridi, back then known as Boom Boom Afridi and the King of Sixes, accepted the gift and immediately sent it onto the adjacent golf course. And that resulted in the biggest six in cricket history! It was an impressive six!

3. Brett Lee (135+ meters)

Brett Lee, an extremely talented bowler for Australia and the second-fastest bowler in history, blasted one of the top eight biggest sixes in the history of the sport during a T-20 encounter against the West Indies. The delivery that met such a fate in the hands of the Australian heartthrob was made by Rovman Powell.

His batting skill was initially demonstrated in the 2005 Ashes series. This time, Lee smashed the ball with a shattering sound that reverberated throughout the raucous stadium, pushing it to the Gabba ground’s roof! Stick around for more information about cricket samachar.

4. Jacob Oram (130+ meters)

Jacob Oram, a representative of New Zealand, is ranked fourth among players who have made the top eight largest sixes in history. He made one of the longest sixes, a 130-meter shot, against Australia in a One Day International match back in 2006.

Oram shot the ball across the field as the Kiwis sought a huge score of 332 at Sydney to overcome their arch-rivals, leading commentator Tony Greig to shout how he sent the ball to the third level of the stadium.

5. Yuvraj Singh (125 meters)

One of India’s most popular batters, Yuvraj Singh, is renowned for his thunderous hits and outstanding on-field performances. His massive six against Australia in the Twenty-20 World Cup match in September 2007 earned him a spot on the list of cricketers who scored the top 8 largest sixes.

Yuvi turned a delivery Brett Lee tossed his way into the most memorable six of his career. India ultimately went on to win the 2007 t20 World Cup.

6. Mark Waugh (120 meters)

Mark Waugh, a renowned and extraordinarily gifted cricketer from Australia, was famous for his graceful batting. He also made it onto the list of cricketers who hit the biggest sixes in the sport’s history.

When this talented batsman converted a Daniel Vettori delivery into a huge sixer in a 1997 encounter against the Australians’ archrival New Zealand, he took everyone watching the game by surprise. Fans of cricket will never forget his six against one of the best spinners of all time.

7. MS Dhoni(118 meters)

MS Dhoni, one of the best captains and a reputable batter of India, is renowned for his breathtaking skills, particularly the helicopter shots. Dhoni, one of the most successful wicketkeeper-batsmen, has hit some of the sport’s most beautiful sixes.

He hit a huge 118-meter six during India’s tour of New Zealand in March 2009. He astonished everyone with a magnificent shot, but he didn’t even turn around to look at the ball afterward! That’s confidence right there!

8. Chris Gayle & Corey Anderson (116 meters)

The last but not the least good sixer in cricket history was hit by Corey Anderson of New Zealand and West Indian batter Chris Gayle. Gayle’s biggest sixer was in 2010 at Bridgetown during the World Twenty20 competition. Gayle is only second to Shahid Afridi’s six-hitting totals in international cricket history.

He transformed Yusuf Pathan of India’s delivery into a 116 m stunner! On the other hand, Anderson also accomplished it against India, but he sent a ball to the roof in an ODI game at Napier in 2014.

Wrapping Up:

These players have set some incredible records with their sixes. But what’s even more remarkable are the memories they’ve engendered. Yes, a sixer is a cause for jubilation and celebration for the team’s fans that are on the ice! Stay tuned to get the cricket match score updates or latest cricket news.

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